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Reviews for The Unconditional Vow

greenwood 2009.08.01 - 12:32AM 52: A Fiercer Sea Signed
It has been so long since I first started reading this story that I read the first chapter and didn't recognize it! I read the whole thing today in one go! It has been progressing really well and is a great story. I am sort of glad that I have been away for so long since it really allowed the characters to develop and for Contessa and Severus to start there fumbling way to (hopefully) love. Since you are following cannon so well it makes me wonder how you will handle the end. Will Severus die or will hie be managed to be saved and hidden away...can't wait to find out!

Author's Response: Wow - another 96000 words in one day reader! I am honoured. Thanks for taking time to leave another review. 'Fumbling' is a great way of putting it. Will they get there eventually? Well, the end could be full of surprises...

makaem 2009.07.22 - 08:33AM 52: A Fiercer Sea Signed
Neither one has a clue? Well, this is where friends would start dropping hints, but Snape doesn't have any, and her friends won't encourage a relationship. And everyone does think they are involved to some degree, so... Great chapter,by the way.

Author's Response: Thanks, Makaem. You are quite right - at this stage, friends would normally intervene...

FairyGlen 2009.07.21 - 02:19PM 52: A Fiercer Sea Signed
I have been following your story over the past few months and find it totally engaging. This chapter has certainly given me food for thought. I believe that to Tess, Snapeís performance for the Carrows appears to be an act borne out of necessity and, as Tess is unaware of the effect it has had on him, she has no reason to suspect his feelings have changed. I can see Snape walking around the grounds angry about his agreement with the Carrows and confused about his feelings for a woman other than Lily, probably terrified at the prospect of a relationship. If only they could be honest with each other - but I suppose thatís too easy!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! It sounds easy, but honesty would be incredibly hard for the characters. And so we follow the road less travelled...

IllinoisRose 2009.07.20 - 06:15PM 52: A Fiercer Sea Signed
I absolutely adore your story! I read it all in one go today--when I really should have been working! :-P I can't wait to read more. I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: 96000 words in one sitting...I applaud your commitment! Thank you very much for reviewing. An update is on its way.

Rose of the West 2009.07.19 - 05:46PM 52: A Fiercer Sea Signed
She has no idea why? After 51 chapters and eight months, give or take, she has no idea why? After all they've discussed and experienced and with the insight provided by the cat's eye rings, how can she be so absolutely clueless?

Author's Response: I hear your frustration. In Tess's defence, Severus hasn't revealed his new-found feelings to her in any way. As far as Tess is concerned, he's still in love with Lily. This misunderstanding will take a few chapters to resolve. But resolved it will be! Thank you for reviewing.

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