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Reviews for Be Neither

talloaks 2012.04.09 - 05:01PM 1: Be Neither Signed
I absolutely loved this story; it was well deserving of an OWL. I guess few will remember those of us awarded one.

Author's Response: This small tale remains one of my own favorites - mostly because it allowed me to make my first acquaintance with so many gracious and truly kind readers - yourself among them - and never fear, though this path is now barred, others remain open - so I'll be watching for you - and your beautiful work, as well !! See you soon !!!

MollysSister 2011.05.04 - 01:20PM 1: Be Neither Signed
I am here by of at rec at fangirl_tour on live journal. This is such a bittersweet story. I very much enjoyed Luna's personal memorial to her prof, and of course his graduation gift to her. Thank you

Author's Response: To be rec'd by Anne, whose own work I cherish as some of the most beautifully written in fandom, was a great honor. I'm so pleased you read this small tale and I'll hope perhaps to entice you into joining some of my other tales as well... the more the merrier you know?

lie 2010.04.01 - 01:40PM 1: Be Neither Signed
Beautiful. I love Luna, she would have seen beyond the surface with Snape for sure. And I always thought he would have respected her fearlessness.

Author's Response: So often, things, circumstances, and people, are not at all what we perceive on the surface. And isn't it often the ones we view as daft who see most clearly? Thank you so much for enjoying this wee tale.

meteoritestrike 2009.08.09 - 06:37PM 1: Be Neither Signed
I love this story! It is a ray of sunshine upon my day.

Author's Response: Thank you for your lovely review. I'm pleased to have brought the sun into your day - Luna does inspire that in people !!!

scoutwithwings 2009.08.08 - 01:07AM 1: Be Neither Signed
this was very beautiful.. thank you!

Author's Response: While wandering about tonight on the site amongst the many tales posted here, I found your lovely review. Thank you so much! I am always so delighted when readers find my work worthy of a review. This was a wee story that kept roaming around in my brain while I was working on my other "epic" piece. Since I love Luna and adore Severus, it was great fun to put them together for a brief but significant moment.

Stefunny82 2009.08.06 - 10:07PM 1: Be Neither Signed
I loved In His Name so much that I decided to read more of your works. I'm glad I did because this is great too. It's so wonderfully worded and has rich descriptions that I felt I was a witness to this scene. I'll be honest, it brought tears to my eyes. I adore Severus. He is such a complex, round character full of flaws...just like the rest of us. I also find him to be so humorous at times (being a teacher myself I probably shouldn't laught at how unethical he was at times lol) Luna is so intelligent yet a gentle soul that she would have saw right through Severus' tough facade. I'm glad that in your fanfiction that someone did.

Author's Response: I'll admit I'm fascinated by the idea of a friendship between those two - he would keep her grounded and I think she would help him find his joyful heart.

Cuthalion 2009.07.23 - 10:08AM 1: Be Neither Signed
Lovely and utterly charming, in a melacholic way. And after I'm a huge Luna-fan, this was a delightful read. Thank you!

Author's Response: Luna would have been someone I'd have hung out with, had I been so fortunate. I love the fey quality of her, but I also am drawn to her innate wisdom, which I fetl Severus would have detected early on. One could wish in those early days when he was a boy that it was someone like Luna that he loved, and not Lily. I think Luna could have kept him from falling.

a1severuslives 2009.07.18 - 07:35PM 1: Be Neither Signed
At first I was concerned that it might be Hermione, but then I thought hhm, could it be Luna?? Thank you so much ,this was very sad but fitting. Luna is so refreshing. Hermione has her place and use, which is definitely not as friend or consort to Snape. I think we should have had much more Luna and Neville in the last books. Sorry for raving. I enjoy your subtle yet detailed style.

Author's Response: There is a gentleness and wisdom in Luna that I find very touching... I think she may have seen Severus more clearly than anyone, simply because she allowed herself to see past the externals.

Rose of the West 2009.07.18 - 02:41AM 1: Be Neither Signed
I wondered as I started whether it was Luna. There are ways in which those two are kindred spirits.

Author's Response: That was my sense as well... almost as though they were two sides of the same coin. I think Luna would have been healing for him to know, a balm for his wounded heart.

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