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Reviews for In His Name

VAS 2016.05.15 - 01:01AM 1: Chapter One: Honoring the Intent Signed
I spent a quiet and foggy Saturday carefully reading and rereading your wonderful story. I am new to SSO and find your writing, tone, cadence, and understanding of the characters to be true and often heartbreaking. I appreciate the Welsh words and bringing in ancient traditions and cares. I realize that your last update was in 2012 and I as well as your followers would love to know when we might expect more of this story. Thank you for faithfully bringing these characters alive and real again.

Lopie2 2012.11.25 - 11:09AM 15: Chapter Fifteen: If But a Single Grain Should Shift Signed
Hurray, your back with this fascinating tale. I've miss it so much and checked on it often for updates. So, nigini is going to help Draco in the in-between or is it a trap? Once again it's great to see you back with story.

Author's Response: Glad to be back !! And happy to see some old friends are still following along !!

Taleshavepower 2012.10.27 - 04:31AM 1: Chapter One: Honoring the Intent Signed
It is this story that has convinced me to become a member of this website. It's not just your obvious profound observations of the natural world that draws me, but also your descriptions of character's inner workings. Your writing has a clarity in describing what the sense...umm... sense. I adore fine details. I've read few stories with Minerva. Your depiction makes me feel my life is similar to hers. I am no longer a young adult, so I deeply appreciate the life experience written into her perceptions. Also the slow unfolding of the story. Stories that race to a point leave me feeling cheated of the journey, and missing the feeling of connection between scenes. Sometimes you skip around. I'm not sure where an idea has suddenly sprang from (eg the sudden appearance of your original character's dog, and Hogwart's voice). But hearing Hogwart's reminds me that Minerva has a rich life behind the scenes of your written words/authorative point of view. I would love an expansion on Hogwart's viewpoint! The real draw of your story for me is the healing and truly useful/truthful actions taken by your characters. I look forward to more, and I have the patience to wait for it.

Author's Response: Yours is the sort of review that any author hungers for - honest in its perspective, offering open and constructive critiques. I'll hope to please you by telling you the next chapter (albeit a short transitional one) is in queue even now. My sincere thanks !!

Stefunny82 2012.07.25 - 04:14PM 14: Chapter Fourteen: Tokens Of An Uneasy Devotion Signed
Oh no! Please don't tell me that they wonderful story has been abandoned! Sorry I haven't reviewed in a while but I have been reading! I am so worried! But even if you have stopped the story please know how very much I enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Nay, gentle reader, tis not abandoned - in fact I am working on the newest chapter. However RL has been a mad and tempestuous thing lately - and, if you've taken a bite of my "Winter Apples" you know that a young Slytherin has been pleading - with surprising humility - for me to pay his very dark and painful story some heed. So now there are TWO stories swimming about in my fevered brain.... oh, ye gods, what tormented creatures we wrtiers be !! There have been several shorter tidbits posted over the last six months - hoping you've enjoyed those as well. Thank you so MUCH for your faithful attendance to my small scribblings !!

LChaim 2011.11.29 - 05:11PM 14: Chapter Fourteen: Tokens Of An Uneasy Devotion Signed
May I just say, dear lady, that your updates are never a disappointment and that I never fail to be amazed at your wonderful, rich descriptions! It was well worh the wait and I look forward to more. I'm so sorry it took me so long to get this out!

Author's Response: Ah, gentle reader, how lovely to see you again !! Glad to have not left you dissapointed - working, even now, on the next chapter. In the meantime, there is a tiny piece - "Silent Suppers" - posted here that might hold you over until the next IHN chapter appears? Sending blessings !!

Chapbook 2011.11.08 - 04:09PM 11: Chapter Eleven: And If These Dreams Be Real Signed
I'm glad to find you here, as it looks like OWL is gone forever? I'm not sure if I had reviewed this chapter yet, but ut is certainly worth a second review! I enjoyed Mab, her name and her personality. She is a fine OC, like the others. Not walking Plot Devices, iow. Your depiction of NM's suffering is harrowing and poignant. Still, the return of his bark makes me hope he will return one day with the help of his growing number of friends. I also relished the references to seasonal rituals; it made me think of some of the old carols (not referring to Christmas ones) and ballads, and Delyth's use of zills.

Author's Response: I've no idea what's afoot over there at OWL but I'm delighted you've re-joined the tale here at OCC. Isn't Mab the treat? I was quite pleased when she introduced herself - I look forward to knowing this wise old woman better. She's tough as nails with a truly kind heart - another stalwart foe against the Darkenss that still hungers for our Neirin.

Owlbait 2011.09.15 - 09:12AM 2: Chapter Two: Blessed Angels Come Signed
I see it isn't gqoing to be easy to get Sev back. Who wnould have imagined there could be Dark antivenins? Brilliantly imaginitive!

Author's Response: *Sigh* - when has anything in the man's life ever been easy? The gods have hearts of stone when they think a lesson is yet unlearned....

Owlbait 2011.09.15 - 08:22AM 1: Chapter One: Honoring the Intent Signed
You have such beautiful characterization and imagery. Minerva, as the healer first saw her, was amazing, her true spirit.

Author's Response: Ah, helllo there !! I know your name from this and other sites - I'm honored and delighted you've begun to follow my humble tale !! I do hope you continue to enjoy !!

Eleni 2011.09.09 - 01:35PM 1: Chapter One: Honoring the Intent Signed
yes, there are many layers, that is what make it so wonderfull

Eleni 2011.09.08 - 12:53PM 14: Chapter Fourteen: Tokens Of An Uneasy Devotion Signed
it was nice to see another Draco, he is often portraited very one-dimensional, here you feel sorry for him and what he could have been. I love your story, I don't understand everything but will read it from start soon and maybe find some things out

Author's Response: Thank you - I greatly appreciate your willingness to stick with "the tale". I know it takes some work to get through all the many layers of my writing !!

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