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Reviews for Kittens

duj 2013.05.25 - 11:33PM 1: Kittens Signed
Very cute. But if I was Filch, I'd be rather miffed that he hadn't messaged me immediately. It's not as if I'd be sleeping anyway...

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed this. Thanks for letting me know :)

Neko Mata 2011.01.09 - 02:47PM 1: Kittens Signed
This cheered me up! How very squee of him, having a soft spot for cats! I love it! Although I really hope that my cats aren´t able to think like Mrs.Norris does! ;)

Author's Response: I do like the thought of Snape and kitties. I don't see him as a dog person, after all he hates Sirius and Remus :)

Lady Whitehart 2009.07.16 - 07:55PM 1: Kittens Signed
As someone who like both Snape and cats, how could I not like this? Absolutely adorable.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I like to think Filch isn't the only male in the castle with a liking of cats :)

sevvy 2009.07.06 - 03:20AM 1: Kittens Signed
Star_girl, this is adorable! And, dare I say, 'different' (or is that a rude word for so many these days!) I am so glad you posted this. SS is definitely 'feline' in my book. (Weirdly I do actually think of people as 'feline' and 'canine' - not just in terms of personality but also as to whether they actually are cat or dog lovers.) I adore cats myself (we used to have one) & would have another like a shot if it wasn't for the dear hubby (grrrr)! And as for where this story came from, I wouldn't worry; perhaps your writer's brain needed a break from some of the other 'heavier' stuff you've been writing recently, my dear! :-)

Author's Response: I'm so pleased you liked this sevvy! It is, as you so euphemistically say, very different, and very fluffy! I'm totally the same when it comes to cats - I am instinctively very mistrustful of people who do not like them. Why doesn't hubby want a cat? Bombard him with pictures of cute kitties til he gets the message ;) Thanks for reviewing hun. Feel free to message me, by the way.

morgaine_dulac 2009.07.05 - 09:42AM 1: Kittens Signed
Snape and cats .. such a lovely picture :-) Glad you decided to post this in the end, sis.

Author's Response: I changed the ending a little. Not sure if my internet research is accurate but it apparently takes a few hours for the labour, so I had to make sure Snape settled in for the night :)

Trickie Woo 2009.07.05 - 03:04AM 1: Kittens Signed
My computer problems are still not over with, some hacker is stealing my internet service and I keep having to move the plug on a different port on the modem until we get a new modem to keep him from stealing the service from my computer. It's cheaper and easier than having Art from the computer shop make a house call and electronically shoo the jerk from my internet service. My husband's computer hasn't been hacked, so he's OK on any modem port. Thr hacker got in from an update download for HP, or Adobe, or one of the other places I get occasional update notices from; I'm now letting my automatic update function take care of that. Art said that's why it's on my computer. As a cat person, I loved the story, especially the part from Mrs. Norris's viewpoint. I think he has his soft side and does have sweet and caring moments, and this shows that side and one of those moments. I have 3 cats, and this is pretty much how the 2 females would behave if they weren't spayed and had a litter. They nest under our bed anyway, and I periodically have to lift the matress and box spring and vacuum away all the cat hair.

Author's Response: Sorry you are having computer problems. You don't realise how much you rely on the internet til your access is limited. Hope it gets sorted soon. Thanks for leaving a review. I love the thought of Snape being a cat lover. There is a scene from the new film of him sitting reading at Spinners End and I can imagine a cat on his knee.

Apothecaria 2009.07.04 - 09:13PM 1: Kittens Signed
How cute! However, my cat gave birth under my bed, and I think she was entirely silent when doing so. I was awakened by the mewling kittens. And yes; Severus is definitely a cat person. (We know for sure he doesn't like dogs :-) He should keep one of the kittens; it's only fitting.

Author's Response: I did some research on the good old internet, which said it wasn't unusual for a cat to make noises if it's their first litter. Bang goes my research! Let's put it down to creative license. As for Snape being a cat person, definitely! And Snape with kittens-squeeee!

linda0506 2009.07.04 - 06:46PM 1: Kittens Signed
Severus can help me have a baby anytime, but I would want him there at the conception as well! Nice to see Sevvy display his nice side to the pussycat!

Author's Response: Hah, I agree about the conception bit! Sweet Severus is irresistable isn't he?

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