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Reviews for January 9th, 1999

EXECUTR 2011.07.29 - 04:22PM 1: January 9th, 1999 Signed
Wonderful story. Thanks for writing.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing :)

Neko Mata 2011.01.09 - 02:34PM 1: January 9th, 1999 Signed
This really got me moved! You´ve done an amazing job writing this little story. I like how he has been remembered, how she remembered him and his tomb. He really deserves a proper one. Love the idea of the narcissus, really fits in this plot! Thanks a lot for sharing!

Author's Response: It's an honour knowing you were moved by this little piece. I like to think that, maybe in another lifetime, Cissy and Severus could have made a formidable couple. The Unbreakable Vow scene makes me think they have genuine respect and a deepness of friendship between them anyway.

jeneacapp 2010.05.12 - 05:46PM 1: January 9th, 1999 Signed
Thank you. Now I need to go cry.

Author's Response: *Passes a tissue* I'm sorry to upset you. Thank you for reading.

June W 2009.09.12 - 06:25PM 1: January 9th, 1999 Signed
So sad, but at least he now has a little narcissus plant "to keep him company in death." I hope Lucius gets spared the Kiss; surely, being Voldy's prisoner for a year was enough. Thanks for posting!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, I'm pleased you enjoyed it enough to leave a note.

Pearl Took 2009.07.22 - 03:52PM 1: January 9th, 1999 Signed
This was lovely. You caught Narcissa's voice beautifully, and I love the glimpses we got in her memory of Severus when he was off-duty from spying. Poor guy, he needed someone to cry at his tomb. I loved the accidental magic and the narcissus blooming.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, it's a new thing writing from the first person narrative. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it.

severus_slave 2009.07.13 - 10:22AM 1: January 9th, 1999 Signed
You brought me to tears. This was so moving and vivid that I could see it clearly before my eyes. I like to think though that Severus survived somehow and has finally found his own sort of happiness. Thank you for this tribute.

Author's Response: That was a huge compliment, thank you. I also think the case for Severus being alive is strong. I'm thrilled you enjoyed this, thank you for reviewing.

debjunk 2009.07.08 - 12:14PM 1: January 9th, 1999 Signed
*Sniff* That was very beautiful. I hope he knows he was loved.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, I hope so too.

sevvy 2009.07.06 - 03:38AM 1: January 9th, 1999 Signed
This was truly beautiful. I don't think that I have ever read of someone actually seeing his grave/headstone and, although sad, it really brings it home. Just one small point: you have his dates as 9th January 1959 but in everything I've ever read it's 1960. (It's actually my husband's exact birthday so I never have trouble remembering it!) I hope you don't mind me pointing that out (maybe my 'sources' are wrong, I'm not sure now!) Either way, this is very, very good, albeit sad. Thanks for posting!:-)

Author's Response: Thanks sevvy, I wanted to write something as a birthday present, even though I am completely in denial and like to think he is alive :) As for Snape's birthday, this link here is why I think he was born in 1959. The evidence was too good: http://whysnape.tripod.com/birthday.htm So you have a stubborn, adorable goat of your own? Is he at all Snapey?

morgaine_dulac 2009.07.05 - 09:39AM 1: January 9th, 1999 Signed
Thank you for giving him a grave and someone who cared enough to cry for him. /M

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing, sis x

Apothecaria 2009.07.04 - 09:07PM 1: January 9th, 1999 Signed
Nicely written and a beautiful, fitting tribute.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, I'm pleased you enjoyed it.

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