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Reviews for Need

Luply 2009.08.19 - 10:07AM 19: Chapter 19 Signed
Beautiful story. You worked with very strong feelings in this one, like love/hate and insecurity/mental instability. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you! I am glad you came along for the ride! I appreciate your consistency with reviewing. Livvy

makaem 2009.08.12 - 07:46PM 17: Chapter 17 Signed
This is not an easy story to read, but I think you know that. It is like you have taken all the dark aspects of your other fics and rolled them into this one. And I love your stories, so I'm hanging in on this one ( I like it, but I'm a little out of my comfort zone) . I'm curious to see what you do with Aubrey. I hoping something will happen to allow her to meet him as an equal.I love all of your stories, and I think if this was a hidden before voting story I would know it was yours (or Shellsnapeluver's-- I can see elements of one of my favorite's "Consuming Me"). Sorry this is so long, but "lovely story" didn't seem right, even though I think it's really good.

Author's Response: LOL! I understand. It's more like a beautiful/grotesque thing. I'm glad you chose to reach out of your comfort zone. Thanks! Livvy

Falon 2009.08.12 - 05:53PM 1: Chapter 1 Signed

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! I hope you like the ending! Thanks, Livvy

Luply 2009.08.09 - 09:20PM 16: Chapter 16 Signed
As usual you made a great job with the characters, I can understand Aubrey and her insecurity about a new relationship with severus. Thanks for post 2 chapters!

Author's Response: I thought it would be more realistic for there to be a two steps forward, one step back kind of deal. You just don't "get over" things overnight. Thanks! Livvy

lizette 2009.08.07 - 07:46PM 16: Chapter 16 Signed
Congratulations for another fantastic story! Very well written and I just love Luna, she's so wise!

Author's Response: Yes, I adore Luna. She is so intuitive-a hidden gem! Thanks! Livvy

Luply 2009.08.02 - 01:08PM 14: Chapter 14 Signed
Wow, intense, very intense ... her hate and her confusion are so strong, let's see what Luna can do to help.

Author's Response: Good. I'm glad that came through strong enough. I wanted to really convey a picture of her desperation and fear. Thanks! Livvy

Elaine Lahey 2009.07.30 - 12:54AM 13: Chapter 13 Signed
At last, a ray of hope at the end! Snape reminds me of Silas Marner in this chapter, a bitter, lonely old man raising a baby girl.

Author's Response: I have never read Silas Marner, but I did see a Steve Martin movie based on the book once. I probably should read it one of these days. Thanks for your review! I hope you like where I take this next. Thanks, Livvy

makaem 2009.07.26 - 12:23AM 11: Chapter 11 Signed
So have we reached the turning point? It felt that way. Will Dumbledore forgive him?

Author's Response: There will be a very definite turning point, but not until the end of chapter 13. Dumbledore will forgive him. Circumstances will change and DD's viewpoint will not be so harsh. There will be bigger problems to tend to by that time. Thanks! Livvy

Elaine Lahey 2009.07.23 - 05:17PM 9: Chapter 9 Signed
OMG! I hope Aubrey is able to outwit him. Please post again soon; now I'm on tenter hooks.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review. I hope you are still reading and wondering how this will lead. Yes, Aubrey is frightened and will run away. Now it will be Snape's turn to feel some pain. Thanks! Livvy

makaem 2009.07.23 - 12:46PM 9: Chapter 9 Signed

Author's Response: Yeah, I guess that says it all... Thanks, Livvy

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