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Reviews for Severus Snape: 1975-1998

duj 2016.12.10 - 06:08PM 1: One-Shot Signed
Beautiful work. It's not often I come across true poetry in the fandom. Deeply moving, as only true poetry can be.

maidofkent 2013.03.05 - 06:53AM 1: One-Shot Signed
This has just come up as a random story. It is a very moving poem and uses the free verse format really well,

liliandwyre 2010.04.19 - 12:51PM 1: One-Shot Signed
I've been looking for poetry like that for quite a long time. It's honest, sad and yet, hopeful at the end. You've done a great job there.

scar2d2w 2009.10.25 - 10:11AM 1: One-Shot Signed
amazing. beautiful, simple yet very poignant.

Moira of the Mountain 2009.08.08 - 02:33AM 1: One-Shot Signed
I regret that no one else has reviewed this - it is deeply moving - poetry is incredibly difficult, even free verse, and requires the poet to lay their soul quite bare to the eyes of the reader. Well done.

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