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Reviews for The Tower Affair

roni0811 2015.10.05 - 03:51AM 12: Closing Arguments Signed
great ending!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you!

roni0811 2015.10.01 - 02:40AM 10: Cross Examination Signed
they have similar childhood, such sad tales! wish she could go away not her husband, maybe take with mother with her! hope they meet up agian, live the life they both want.. like kingley's characterization..

Author's Response: She's had to overcome a great deal to be as successful as she is, and she has something in common with him, too. Thank you for the review!

roni0811 2015.10.01 - 01:57AM 8: Further Investigation Signed
like the chat between severus, lucius and narcissa! you can tell their are real friends..

Author's Response: I felt that one of the cornerstones of this story should be his friendship with the Malfoys. Thanks, again!

roni0811 2015.10.01 - 01:27AM 2: The Evidence Signed
onward to see what next.. like the american witch try to capturd severus along with other auors!

Author's Response: Thank you! She was a fun character to work with.

severus_slave 2011.11.06 - 09:38PM 12: Closing Arguments Signed
This was really a lovely story. It reminds me of, 'The Thomas Crown Affair.' I was expecting her to be pregnant in the end, but this story was a lot of fun to read. I hope I get to see them together again. Ah, this is a very plausible ending/beginning for Severus!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! It was indeed inspired by the Thomas Crown Affair, and in a lot of ways, it's still my favorite of the stories I've written. It's continued in My Favorite Wand Waver. Thank you so much!

Eleni 2010.09.26 - 06:18AM 1: The Scene of the Crime Signed
I am reading this story for the second time, I love it and felt like reading again. I like your stories very much. Now on to the rest of the story

Author's Response: Oh, that's very kind. Thank you so much!

notwolf 2010.09.16 - 05:34PM 12: Closing Arguments Signed
Ah, a happy ending after all. Bravo.

Author's Response: Thank you! It's a bit abrupt for me as endings go. I usually include a bit of epilogue that shows generally how the happily ever after was going, but that's where this story ended. I can't tell you how I appreciated your time in reading this and reviewing so much of it. Thank you!

notwolf 2010.09.16 - 05:21PM 11: Habeas Corpus Signed
Oh, how awful to hear about Severus that way.

Author's Response: Yeah, she had to hear somehow, and no one who knew about it was likely to take her aside and tell her gently. Thanks, again!

notwolf 2010.09.16 - 05:19PM 10: Cross Examination Signed
That's so sad about Kate's life. Being a witch, she could have apparated away instead of marrying the guy, and could have taken her mother. And poor Sonny--he should have run after killing those creeps.

Author's Response: Yes, even at the age of 17/18, she should have had some sort of plan in mind. It's not like her dad suddenly became that way after she finished her education. It did come out of nowhere on her, though, and caught her unprepared. And who knows why Sonny didn't run. Perhaps he worried that Katherine or Corrine (her mother) would get blamed for it. Thanks for the review!

notwolf 2010.09.16 - 05:02PM 8: Further Investigation Signed
I kind of feel bad for Kate, even though she puts herself in emotional harm's way on purpose. She believes Severus loves Lily and can never change...he seems to think otherwise--if the time is right.

Author's Response: At the moment he sees a worthy adversary that he would enjoy spending some time with, and she enjoys being the cat to his mouse. She's not afraid to use every tool she has, and thus far in her life it hasn't been a problem. The connection with Snape keeps evolving though, and she's starting to realize her hand is caught in the cookie jar. Thank you for the lovely reviews! I'm honored!

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