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Reviews for Soroche

Hequet 2011.08.25 - 12:55PM 2: Soroche Signed
For a split second, I wondered if Sammy Begay was related to Nathan Begay from the Jennifer Talldeer stories; but then I realized it's a pretty common surname. But way to place his heritage so immediately in my mind!

MollysSister 2010.09.24 - 10:23PM 26: El condor pasa Signed
Excellent last line about the nose. I very much enjoyed this story. Thank you.

MollysSister 2010.09.24 - 10:20PM 25: Goodbyes Signed
Is this safe for the baby? She has to be preggers after 4 months of daily nakkid fun with Snape....((is worried))

MollysSister 2010.09.24 - 10:12PM 24: The Wayward Wand Signed
They have that friendly banter I so enjoy: “Suck my cock.” “For free?” “Bitch.” Love it!

MollysSister 2010.09.24 - 10:09PM 23: Cards on the Table Signed
Not the smoothest of wedding announcements, but I do think it did the trick for Mr. Black. LOL!

MollysSister 2010.09.24 - 10:03PM 21: Trust Signed
I want nothing to come between these two. I want happily ever after. I want it all!! MAwhahahahah!

MollysSister 2010.09.24 - 09:53PM 19: Rupaq Siki Signed
And Severus did indeed vente! I am glad he came to her. They need to cement this new relationship of theirs.

MollysSister 2010.09.24 - 09:29PM 18: El trago amargo Signed
Dumbledore really pisses me off. Not that Rawa was awash a rainbows and unicorns mood, still he didnt have to speak so poorly of Severus. He just views Severus as a tool to be used, manipulated at will....grrrrrrr "meddle slightly with the continuum of time" ouuuuu tell me more!

MollysSister 2010.09.24 - 09:23PM 17: Qhari Warmi Signed
Oh I very much want to know the background with Minister Higgins and his sassy daughters! There is a story there. Also 10 points to Rawa for making the first move and jumping her husband's bones. Wheheehehehe

MollysSister 2010.09.24 - 05:26PM 16: Never Did Run Smooth Signed
Oh Rawa I feel the pain you are going through. If only she could crack through that hard candy coating of Severus to the mushy parts inside. ~sniffle~

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