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Reviews for Always By Your Side

Neko Mata 2010.12.13 - 10:04AM 40: XL: Where They Ought to Be Signed
It was once more breathtakingly sad and moving. Your story has really touched me and I cannot find the right words to phrase them, but this: really great work. Thank you so much.

Author's Response: Thank YOU so much for reading the story. I am very glad that you enjoyed it.

Neko Mata 2010.12.12 - 03:06PM 18: XVIII: Diagon Alley Signed
Finally they shall meet! I canīt wait, already devouring your next story. Impeccable as I already expected. Really love your style, cannot get my eyes off it.

Author's Response: Yay at you being excited! I am so glad you're enjoying this story! :-D

nagandsev 2010.08.27 - 07:43AM 40: XL: Where They Ought to Be Signed
In awe and speechless...and with tears; you've touched so much on the human condition through your wonderful writing and characters - thank you!

Author's Response: Thank YOU, my dear. It means a lot to know that I managed to reach people with this story. /M

LadySeverus 2010.08.26 - 10:43PM 40: XL: Where They Ought to Be Signed
What a whirlwind of emotions your story has taken me on and I finally get to the end and tears are pouring down my cheeks but yet it's ultimately a happy ending and I'm glad for them. Not many stories provoke such a response from me. I think this is a testament to how well you have built the characters throughout the story. I enjoyed the conversation Severus and Morgaine had about what would have happened if he had not died, how their lives might have turned out. I can't believe how much time has passed since you started writing this. It's gone by quick. Looking forward to more from you. Cheers!

Author's Response: Thank you, dearest. For leaving this wonderful last review, and for being a faithful reader and reviewer through out the story. It means a lot to know that you like my work, especially since Severus and Morgaine are so very dear to me. It's hard to believe that I started writing those two in December 2007. That's ages ago. I will miss them a lot.

star_girl 2010.08.25 - 02:30PM 40: XL: Where They Ought to Be Signed
I know when you first started writing this, you had an idea that it would be totally angst-ridden and full of sadness. I also know this wasn't the easiest story for you to write at times. Yet you have given us a story with an ending that, although sad, is full of hope. And one which reads like it slipped from your quill with great ease. I am remarkably proud of you, my friend, for your achievement. And I am so excited to be writing with you once more again in the near future. Hug, even if you fight it.

Author's Response: Thanks for the eventual kick in the butt. It was well needed at times. And thanks for your support and help. And now stop hugging already, hehe

Severus49 2010.08.25 - 12:17AM 40: XL: Where They Ought to Be Signed
It's 12:15 at night and I have tears running down my face. Most of us can only dream of a love such as Severus and Morgaine's. A one in a million love and a one in a million story. Thank you so much for writing!!

Author's Response: *hands over another hankie* One in a million love, indeed. One gets quite jealous of what the two have, despite all the heartache. And I'll miss them. Thank you for reading and reviewing. It meant a lot. /M

Severus49 2010.08.25 - 12:08AM 39: XXXIX: Finding the Light Again Signed
Snif! Morgaine's happiest moments made me cry! When I read of Severus' eyes, I couldn't help but get all teary!

Author's Response: *hands over hankie* Happiness can even be found in the darkest of times. I'm rather glad Morgaine managed to do just that.

Moira of the Mountain 2010.08.24 - 09:38PM 40: XL: Where They Ought to Be Signed
Bravo !!! No more is needed but that.

Author's Response: Thank you, my dear. I am very glad that you enjoyed it. /M

star_girl 2010.08.20 - 03:19PM 39: XXXIX: Finding the Light Again Signed
You already know how much I enjoyed the Patronus scene. It was trult lovely to see Severus to be the one supporting Morgaine, a reversal of the first story really. And for her to start taking her own advice and, more importantly, believing it. Well done, sis. I eagerly await the epilogue.

Author's Response: I take back my statement about being done with the epilogue. Every time I intend to send it to be beta-read, I come up with a new scene. Separation anxiety, anyone?

LadySeverus 2010.08.20 - 10:36AM 39: XXXIX: Finding the Light Again Signed
I loved the recap of her relationship at the end when Morgaine was producing the patronus and I like how you always put the emphasis on the BLUE eyes meeting black instead of those pissy green ones that I get sooo tired of hearing about! Yeah, I'm a jealous h00r - hahaha! ;)

Author's Response: I have a confession to make: in the first draft, Morgaine's eyes were green. But my beta told me to change it. I tired brown, but that was too Granger. So I chose blue. Quite glad I did :-)

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