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Reviews for The Unconditional Vow

roni0811 2015.07.09 - 11:21PM 46: Frozen in Time Signed
happy that contessa is there for severus in his tie of need... great deatil of all these chapies.. still grieving for lily after all these years.. so sad..

Author's Response: So glad you were moved by these chapters; they were a joy to write.

ghost owl 2009.05.21 - 06:02PM 46: Frozen in Time Signed
I love the hurt/comfort scenes: not because I like reading about Severus grief, but because I feel the need to read about him being comforted. Rowling mistreated him from the first book to the last one, and while I'm grateful that she created this marvellous character, I can forgive what she did of him. Thank gods, you put Contessa in his life :) And I hate that he never elaborate his mourning for Lily: that's the real tragedy. Well, in Rowling world, anyway. Fiction has helped him in this several times! Thanks for this chapter, I'm enjoying your story immensely!

Author's Response: I'm glad that, even in the depths of Severus's despair, you are still enjoying the story. It bodes well! If you like the hurt/comfort scenes, chapters 47 and 49 should be right up your street. Thanks for your review.

hexgirl 2009.05.21 - 10:31AM 46: Frozen in Time Signed
Reading that made me all mad with Dumbledore again! What on earth was that potion? And why wouldn't he take the antidote? I'm glad he shared the terrible experience with Contessa; I'm sure it will help him work through his terrible feelings of grief, guilt and anger. I can't bear the thought of him carrying that burden alone. I suppose none of us can which is why we read (and write) situations to remedy that. I'm feeling all melancholy now! (In a good way).

Author's Response: "A potion which reveals people as they truly are" (I'll say no more!) I'm glad you're enjoying my melancholy-inducing fiction :-)

lyn_f 2009.05.21 - 10:18AM 46: Frozen in Time Signed
Awww, poor Severus. He never stopped grieving for Lily. I hope Contessa will be able to reach him.

Author's Response: I hope she will too. I also hope he's ready for her to reach him. Thanks for your review.

sevvy 2009.05.20 - 05:11AM 46: Frozen in Time Signed
Poor Severus; grief and unrequited love are just so hard to deal with. A lifetime is simply not long enough to get over them in many cases by my reckoning. And poor Contessa too - her heart must be aching for him.

Author's Response: And, as Severus's lifetime is substantially limited, I hope he begins to deal...

Rose of the West 2009.05.19 - 09:38PM 46: Frozen in Time Signed
It's so very sad that he never really stopped grieving for Lily.

Author's Response: Very sad, yes. All those years...

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