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Reviews for The Scottish Play

tonnocal 2010.06.30 - 04:43AM 1: Chapter One Signed
I'm sorry, you write well but I just couldn't take it seriously and kept giggling at the juxtaposition of acerbic internal monologue, eroticism and bumbling buffoonery/merlin!gryffindor. It was easy to read, but I just can't continue with it. Then, I couldn't sit through 'Burn after reading' either and this hits just that tone within me. Kind of like smelling pineapple and having your palate scream 'acid' Which is good for a writer that you can provoke that response

Author's Response: You were giggling at this serious piece of literature? Hey, thanks for that; glad I made you smile, but I'm sorry you didn't manage the whole way through. I sometimes find sprinkling a little sugar on pineapple helps, so perhaps a couple of stiff drinks sprinkled on fanfics might aid the digestion (just a thought). Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Scaranda

er121876 2009.11.21 - 05:46PM 3: Chapter Three Signed
"his cock would need little ministration to give forth its first load of creamy glory."... oh dear lol. Still liking the story though, you're a really good writer. x

Author's Response: Thanks so much for dropping me a line. Good to know you're enjoying it. Hopefully you'll soon be over the nausea. Scar

er121876 2009.11.21 - 05:36PM 1: Chapter One Signed
Haha, Snape is such a perv... really well-written though, although 'the greedy gobbling folds of her cunt' made me cringe a lot. Not the nicest image! You've really made me want to read Macbeth again; sadly, I have left it at home :( loving it so far, though it's a bit icky in places lol. xx

Author's Response: Er...yeah... not my normal way of putting things, it made me more than slightly sick too. However, the introduction was kind of setting the scene for a rather coarse time in Scottish history, the 11th century not being noted for its refinements. The rest is not quite as vulgarly graphic, I promise. Thanks so much for reviewing. Scar

Stella Stargazer 2009.10.05 - 10:14AM 22: Chapter Twenty-two Signed
What a beautiful tapestry you've woven from the threads of Shakespeare and Rowling. It truly sparkles darkly and I have enjoyed it greatly. Thank you!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Stella. And thanks too for the support you give me; it's great to know you're reading along and enjoying. Scaranda

arcticvixen 2009.10.03 - 11:57AM 22: Chapter Twenty-two Signed
I'm just bending down to scoop up armsful of roses to throw onto the stage. Excellent... juicy... exciting... funny...in keeping with the spirit of both the play and the characters you substitued from Potterverse... so well crafted. I salute your talent again, Scaranda. You never disappoint. I know I'll never hear the name Macbeth again without thinking back to this, and I know I'll reread the whole thing again soon. Thanks for this, Vixen

Author's Response: Thanks, Vixen. Glad you enjoyed it; I know I enjoyed writing it, and will quite miss it. As to Macbeth, well, I'll never feel quite the same about it again, although I do know it off by heart now! Thanks for your support, as always. Scar

pitwitch 2009.10.02 - 09:52PM 22: Chapter Twenty-two Signed
Brava! Exceptionally well-crafted. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale from beginning to end, and not just because Macbeth is one of my Shakespearean favorites either. Such a fitting end, Severus, his women, and the wizard-kind all will have a place of their own, a place seeming suspiciously like the land surrounding Hogwarts and Hogsmead. Thank you so much for sharing this tale. It is definitely one to bookmark and revisit often.

Author's Response: Thanks, Pitt, for everything. As you well know, this would never have been had it not been for a late night conversation we had about who, from Potterverse, would take what role in Macbeth, although I seem to recall Lucius and Narcissa being cast as the evil Macbeths. I'm not sure how that one got waylaid, but I suspect it has something to do with my being a sucker for softening up the much maligned and misunderstood Lucius Malfoy. Anyway, I ramble on, as is my wont. Thanks for everything. Scaranda

Trickie Woo 2009.10.01 - 09:50PM 22: Chapter Twenty-two Signed
I enjoyed Thomas le Voleur de Mort AKA Macbeth meeting his grisly end. For once I got to see the bad guys suffer and get what they deserve. You certainly did stay true to Shakespeare's words “Nothing in his life became him like the leaving of it.” You really should write more het stories, I love your writing, but I don't read slash. Het stories are much more romantic, and I love Snape het romances that don't include Hermione.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Trickie Woo, and for your support the whole way though. I've enjoyed writing this immensely, and feel quite lost now it's finally done. There were so many wonderfully quotable lines on the play, that I often had a problem getting them all in (although not all of them are attributed to the correct people!). I'm not much of a romantic myself, so I doubt I would write that kind of thing; however, I would do more het at some point. Thanks so much again. Scaranda

steelyblue 2009.10.01 - 05:51PM 22: Chapter Twenty-two Signed
Bravo!! A great piece of work. I loved the idea that Aricanthe almost was Snape, and Snape almost was Aricanthe. Macbeth/Voldemort's madness was very well done, and I loved the way the women were every bit as much involved as warriors as the men were. Your historical notes at the end were perfectly pitched too, to be almost a part of the story. Well done!

Author's Response: Thanks, Steel. Well, Aricanthe was always there, wasn't she, right from the opening scene. It was only right that she, too, had her day. I didn't see why the women should be portrayed as standing in the background, pouting and brushing their hair, when they were every bit as capable as the men, not to mention a lot smarter at times. As to Macbeth/Riddle, they were a good parallel to one another, and a joy to write. Thanks so much for sticking around until the final sword was thrust. Scaranda

Rose of the West 2009.10.01 - 05:34PM 22: Chapter Twenty-two Signed
Voldemort always did seem to discount women in general. It's a good thing for the others that he did. The Fey should have realized long before that she had nothing to offer once Merlin withdrew his power. She'd already given her powers to the Riddler. Toward the end there, I almost expected Aricanthe to turn out to be the animagus form of someone else. At any rate, I had to just sit and absorb it all for a few minutes after I was done reading it. As always, it was a richly visual treat from beginning to end.

Author's Response: Thanks Rose, and thanks for your support the whole way through. It has meant much to me. I always think men discount women to their cost, as history, not to mention life, has proven often in the past. I've toyed so much with what Aricanthe's final role would turn out to be, one of which was an Animagus, but that didn't quite work for me. I'm so pleased you enjoyed; I know I enjoyed writing it, and feel quite bereft now it's done. Thanks again. Scaranda

pitwitch 2009.09.29 - 10:26PM 21: Chapter Twenty-one Signed
The battle looms near and the Riddler shall puzzle out his own demise. Again, well done!

Author's Response: Thanks Pitt. Glad you're all caught up now. Thanks so much, as always, for your review. Scaranda

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