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Reviews for Star Sisters

MuNition 2014.05.29 - 08:18PM 19: XIX: A Lesson In Lust Signed
Up to the end of this chapter, I could follow. Does Snape get more excited by Morgana *after* he sees her with Lucius? That is basically bowing down to Lucius's alpha on a fundamental psychological level... as well as after Lily, you'd think he'd learn to hate everything about her now. I like this story, and I may continue reading it... but as far as male leads go, he's at this moment acting like a more pathetic Ron with Lavender.

Author's Response: Thank your review! We were writing Snape with the thought in mind that he thinks he is unattractive and unworthy (given he was bullied for so long) and that he probably would be jealous of Lucius for a lot of reasons - his wealth, his looks, his money, his ease with the opposite sex, etc. As for being pathetic, one could argue that the doe patronus is pathetic - having emotions often is. Jealousy is very pathetic, but an emotion which we feel Snape has a lot. And as for seeing Lucius and Morgana, well, men (some, most, probably not all) react to porn and sex on a visceral level. It would have taken an eunuch not to have some stirring of sexuality after having witnessed the two. (They do make a good looking couple.) So this is how we were thinking there. We thank you for reading so far and hope you will continue.

Wildcard 2013.06.02 - 04:37PM 1: I: Star Sisters Signed
Oh very intriguing beginning. So Snape sees all sees all and says nowt lol

Author's Response: Snape has his abnormally large nose in lots of pies, as it were! ;-)

Eurayle_23 2012.09.30 - 06:31PM 26: XXVI: Keep It in the Family Signed
I submitted a review earlier but could not see your response. Finished the second story by the way. Would like more. . .am willing to contribute writing as well. The story is too interesting to let fade away

Author's Response: Thank you, we're delighted you've read both stories and enjoyed them so much. Real Life is a bit hectic for both of us right now, but don't worry, we will finish Shooting Stars - the next chapter is in progress at present and we are turning into the home straight where our loose ends get tied up and some questions get answered. It might not get written as quickly as we would like but do not fear, we haven't abandoned the story and are committed to finishing it. Thanks again for your support and continued patience, and we hope your patience will be rewarded :)

Eurayle_23 2012.09.28 - 11:16PM 26: XXVI: Keep It in the Family Signed
This feels real. . . characters are alive. I can feel their pain and confusion. You have a skill for sewing discord.

Author's Response: That's an enormous compliment, thank you so much. We're completely thrilled you enjoy our story so much.

emdramaqueen 2011.06.05 - 10:36AM 41: Epilogue Signed
I REALLY enjoyed that story so much, ladies. I found the ending with Snape watching them leave very bittersweet. I partly wanted him to have a proper farewell with the girls, but I see why you didn't include that. I was also always waiting for him to actually have sex with Morgana but it never happened. Not disappointed as such, but can I ask why you chose not to go there? Thanks so much, once again.

Author's Response: We are very glad you enjoyed the story. For us, as well, the ending has been bittersweet. As for Snape never having sex with Morgana, well, she was off limit for a great while (Don't play with Malfoy's toys), and then she was too fragile. But who knows what the future holds. Once again, that you for your support and we hope to see you for the sequel :-)

emdramaqueen 2011.06.05 - 08:00AM 35: XXXV: A Black Day Signed
Hi there - I am really gripped by this story. Bravo! It's really clever the way you've included the Hairy Heart story to act as a parallel to Snape. Subtle and effective. x

Author's Response: Again, we're thrilled that you're enjoying this story and we hope you'll continue to read and enjoy until the end. We have a sequel in progress, called Shooting Stars, if you'd like to see what happens to the girls after Hogwarts :)

emdramaqueen 2011.06.04 - 08:06PM 29: XXIX: Potions and Pestering Signed
Awww I love Snape in this chapter - he's really starting to show concern, and it's clever the way you put him and Lucius in the room together, because Morgana's choice to listen to Sev and not Luc speaks volumes.

Author's Response: We like a bit of tension between Severus and Lucius... it may not be canon but it works well for us. And who wouldn't listen to Snape? ;)

emdramaqueen 2011.06.04 - 03:59PM 24: XXIV: Lost Signed
Aw this is my fave chapter so far - by far! A great mixture of sexual tension and vulnerability. I like Snape in this chapter. A hint of tenderness in him, but not OOC. Thank you ladies! xx

Author's Response: We're thrilled you discovered this story and are pleased you're enjoying it. We hope you'll enjoy the rest just as much. :)

Neko Mata 2010.12.31 - 01:31PM 41: Epilogue Signed
Really nice, ladies! Many ups and downs and everything very capitivating. The story was addictive, so I canīt wait to read the sequel. Great work!

Author's Response: We're so pleased we had you hooked! Sequel is in progress and we hope that hooks you in too :)

Neko Mata 2010.12.23 - 08:56AM 4: IV: Lunch at Malfoy Manor Signed
Really nasty stuff, absolutely love it! The parties at Malfoy Manor tend to get out of control, donīt they? Canīt wait to read on! Nice work, ladies!

Author's Response: And still we'd all love to be at one of those parties, wouldn't we? Preferably in Lucius' bed :P

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