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Reviews for Dark Coil

Run Wild 2004.10.11 - 02:20PM 32: Chapter 33 Anonymous
Oh – even more about hair - or maybe not about hair – she cut it all off! No, seriously I had to stop here again to tell you what I liked, which included playful Snape and his trick with the ‘potion,’ and the way it all seemed to backfire on him with Sirius. That was a nice little twist to keep us all on our toes. But you went one further and twisted it back again with the exposition that it was only water! More good writing - I particularly liked the descriptions of morning/evening noise at the beginning of Chapter 30. Snape is very much in character and there are some classic Snapisms here and there, e.g., “You smell of dog” and “…believe me Lucius I am talking about the dregs here, dried and crusty along the edges”(!!!). And Sirius is a prat as ever – not funny, just puerile, so also in character. But most of all I like the way the omnipotence of Brigit is questioned and shattered. Very existential. Go for it, Olivia! No one likes a smart arse goddess!

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