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Reviews for The Potions Master's Revenge

Overhill 2011.07.28 - 12:59PM 1: Oneshot Signed
I've read one other Sybill/Hagrid story before, but that wasn't in any way, shape or form romantic. I thought of Hagrid in her classroom, with all those teeny tiny teacups and such, and, yeah, major screaming. Like King Kong and Fay Wray.

Author's Response: yes indeed, that would definitely result in a lot of screaming.

tangerine dream 2011.03.10 - 04:16PM 1: Oneshot Signed
Absolutely fabulous!!

Author's Response: Thank you!!

peskipiksi 2009.03.09 - 06:53AM 1: Oneshot Signed
Very clever and funny - liked it a lot.

Author's Response: Thanks!

star_girl 2009.03.06 - 02:01PM 1: Oneshot Signed
What a big meanie Severus is!

Author's Response: He is. He goes a bit far, but she kind-of deserved it... disturbing his monk-like existence like that.

Trickie Woo 2009.03.06 - 04:17AM 1: Oneshot Signed
You had an able helper when you brainstormed, I enjoyed this a lot.

Author's Response: Thanks! She was tickled to be invited to brainstorm with me. It was quite fun.

Rose of the West 2009.03.05 - 09:26PM 1: Oneshot Signed
So is the potion something that makes her live out her worst fear...or her greatest desire? Maybe the desire she doesn't want to admit to herself?

Author's Response: Maybe a little of both! I look at it as a potion that creates a scenario made up by Severus. Some sort of suggestion like... Hagrid loves Sybill. Then the personality (Sybill's)takes over from there.

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