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Reviews for Steam

severus_slave 2011.09.18 - 10:33AM 1: Steam Signed
Now, I have to add Sauna to my list! This was a very passionate, very erotic story. It left me wanting. What Severus does to the sexual appetite should be against the law! rofl Please say you'll do another, and can you give her golden hazel eyes? :-)

Author's Response: We do have another racy one-shot with a different character, called Two To Tango At The Three Broomsticks, if you are still in the mood ;)

Neko Mata 2010.12.21 - 09:36AM 1: Steam Signed
Haha, the "Slytherin snake" awoke! Nice one indeed! Great descriptions and plot, naughty ideas are so nice! ;) Well done, both of you!

Author's Response: So glad we could warm you up on a cold winter's night!

black cat 2009.08.26 - 11:55AM 1: Steam Signed
I really liked your story, but... can you really stay that long in a sauna to... ?! I mean... It's about a hundred degrees in there!

Author's Response: It is doable. However not recommended for weak people, hehe. Seriously, your skin gets ever so sensitive from the heat, so .... mrorwr!!!

bdancer 2009.03.04 - 05:17PM 1: Steam Signed
"The calmness of his gaze told her there was no need to be afraid, no need to be embarrassed. Then she felt something brush her mind. It was akin to having her face cupped gently, and she opened her eyes wide and smiled at the comfort of the gesture." This little paragraph was a master stroke. It set the whole tone of your story and spoke of "making love." Not just sex for it's own sake or for excersize. I really appreciated this story. It involved real emotions and your brain for a change. Thanks so much....more please?

Author's Response: Thank you for the huge compliment, bdancer. And yes, we will definitely write more. Cheers. /sevs_starsisters

sevvy 2009.02.26 - 09:04AM 1: Steam Signed
I don't know about a sauna, I certainly need a cold shower now! When you two ladies get together you certainly have fun with your writing experiences! All I can really say is, more, more please!!

Author's Response: You have no idea just how much fun we have with the dear professor. We only take cold showers nowadays. /sevs_starsisters

The Mugglechief 2009.02.24 - 04:06PM 1: Steam Signed
An offer? You tell me.

Author's Response: Personally I'd prefer a nice long soak in a jacuzzi over a sauna, with champagne of course ;)

Scaranda 2009.02.24 - 09:08AM 1: Steam Signed
Yet they say the hottest day of the year is best, for mad dogs and Englishmen at any rate (no one has proven this to be wrong btw). Scaranda

Author's Response: We think we all need to cool off after that encounter. Cheers /sevs_starsisters

The Mugglechief 2009.02.24 - 06:57AM 1: Steam Signed
Ladies!! What can I say? Except maybe, sauna is fun especially with company.

Author's Response: Is that an offer, dear? /sevs_starsisters

Trickie Woo 2009.02.23 - 02:06PM 1: Steam Signed
The M&S on your profile gave you away. If it had been S&M I probably wouldn't have guessed, that would have made me think sado/masochism.

Author's Response: You are as cunning as fox who has just passed a master's degree in cunning whilst eating cunning pie. We salute you. sevs_starsisters

aramintasnape 2009.02.23 - 02:02PM 1: Steam Signed
Oooh, very hot! I loved it and am hoping there will be more chapters... :)

Author's Response: We are hoping, too. Cheers. /sevs_starsisters

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