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Reviews for Spirit of Vengeance

duj 2013.11.24 - 05:32PM 1: Spirit of Vengeance Signed
My favourite of your stories, I think. Unforgettable.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm a big fan of yours over on fanfic... hope you haven't abandoned writing, though we all know real life intrudes. Unbeta'd stories oare on my terri_testing lj--I had some very good betas for posting here, lost them, and couldn't find one for a multi-chapter so just started posting on my lj. I'd be curious what you think of "(No) Difference," given your ss/hg tendencies...

NJ Dryad 2011.03.12 - 10:11PM 1: Spirit of Vengeance Signed
*Very* nice! I've often wondered what would have happened if Severus had been killed, and now I know. I don't doubt if he'd died in canon, Dumbledore would have covered it up like this. I particularly liked the way he used the Dark Arts he *claimed* to despise to cover up the murder, even to trying to enslave the ghost--so he wrongs his victim twice over, once in life and once in death. Interesting how the "greater good" is always exactly the same as what DD wants, isn't it? I also liked the gory details of the murder and thought the screaming headlines and panting "news" stories were very well done. I'm a little disappointed we didn't see Lily's reaction to the murder. Would she have been as indifferent if Severus had really been killed as she was to his attempted murder?

Author's Response: Yes, Albus Dumbledore was a very accomplished Dark wizard, however his Gryffindor followers may have liked to gloss over this.... Can you possibly be suggesting that there might be a "Good" independant of Albus's judgments? (Which happen, purely coincidentally, always to protect Albus's reputation?) Wronging his victim twice, in life and in death? You jest--it was Severus who wronged Albus, by letting his death seem to put Albus's judgment in the wrong. Which cannot be. As to Lily--alas, I don't think canon!Lily would have cared that much about the prince's death, so long as she herself was uninvolved. And so long, of course, as she saw none of it. In this version, she never confronted Sev's body; Sev did, eventually, confront hers. Realistically, that does make a difference. Thanks for your feedback!

Rose of the West 2009.02.20 - 08:32AM 1: Spirit of Vengeance Signed
In canon, the reason he turns on Voldemort is because of Lily. You suggest at the end of your story that it happens there, too. I think that the only way TR would ever feel fear is if a bunch of the ghosts of his victims came to get him, which almost happens at the end of GOF. Ghost!Snape would have to form alliances to make that happen...and that wasn't his strongest ability in life.

Author's Response: A ghost can't really touch you; the ghosts of his victims don't DO anything to Riddle, they just distract him long enough for Harry to get away. So I thought Riddle's fear of them was really a projection of his fear of death. So you thought Severus's alliance-forming in the body of this work was poorly drawn? (Okay, so we could also call it manipulation.) What someone would need to do to bring down Riddle is 1)figure out how Riddle is managing his immortality, 2)sneak around locating all of the Horcruxes, 3)recruit people to destroy them (you think there'd be a shortage of volunteers after decades under Voldie's benevolent rule? Dark Lord fanboy Regulus went for it after a few months' exposure to the reality. And Sev, unlike Dumbles, would probably tell his Horcrux-killers what kinds of spells/poisons would be effective.), and then 4)mention casually to some nice, suicidal hero-types (or some lieutenant who's noticed there's no such thing as promotion to the top while Voldie's there) psst, he's mortal now. Go for it!

Rose of the West 2009.02.19 - 07:14PM 1: Spirit of Vengeance Signed
Oooo. Creepy. A little rushed at the end. It would be interesting to see more development concerning how he never expected Lily to be killed and how he goes about getting revenge for that.

Author's Response: Ooh... Yes, as you so appropropriately point out, I'm telling several different stories here. And the last several of them got rushed off stage. But then, in real life, isn't that what happens? No one sticks around for the resolution of my personal story-arc? Regarding your specific criticisms: my beta induced me to expand DD's story (majorly!) in this: would you like me to expand the SS/LEP arc? Or is it the SS/TR arc you'd like to see? (Sequels being always possible) Thanks for comments!

GitonCrais 2009.02.19 - 06:38PM 1: Spirit of Vengeance Signed
Great story and a good twist.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for your comments. This was, um, engaging to write.

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