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Reviews for The Sauna

Neko Mata 2011.01.09 - 03:35PM 1: The Sauna Signed
Hahaha Trelawney and the Sherry! Does quite look like it, doesn´t she? I loved it, escpecially the handkerchief-towels! Hilarious! Keep the great ideas coming!

Author's Response: There is an X-rated follow up to this if you are interested! Again, it was lots of fun to write :)

luvsev4ever 2009.03.08 - 06:25AM 1: The Sauna Signed
I liked this story I thought it was interest, especially Sinistra and Snape, its a couple you see too often.

Author's Response: Thanks very much! Sinistra is an interesting character as we don't know much about her so much is open to interpretation. If you fancy reading "what happens next", there is a story on here called Steam which is a continuation. Um, it's VERY adult though, so be warned :) Thanks for stopping by.

sevvy 2009.02.18 - 03:53PM 1: The Sauna Signed
I might have guessed that the impish morgain_dulac was partly responsible for this lively, lovely bit of fun! 'In our nudity we become equal' - yes, but as the saying goes, some are more equal than others! I really loved this & can only hope dear Sev decides to follow the beautiful Aurora before she gets chance to put those robes back on! Well done for writing; really good to see something from you again :-)

Author's Response: Thanks for your review sevvy, I really hope this made you smile as it was heaps of fun to write. And yes, definitely planning on more from the shy, beautiful Aurora and our favourite dark, stern professor ;)

aramintasnape 2009.02.18 - 10:35AM 1: The Sauna Signed
Snape/Sinistra! *squees* My favourite pairing! Is there going to be another chapter??

Author's Response: A smut edition is indeed brewing! I am beginning to form some ideas about sweet Aurora. Hope you will like it.

Rose of the West 2009.02.17 - 08:26PM 1: The Sauna Signed
Wow... that would be quite the place of employment...

Author's Response: Hehe, was such an enjoyable silly thing to write.

Trickie Woo 2009.02.17 - 05:42PM 1: The Sauna Signed
Well, did he go to her rooms to see her after he got dressed? Did they continue exploring the possibilities they stumbled upon in the sauna? How about some PWP that picks up where this left off?

Author's Response: I knew you would ask that! Fear not, it's perculating ;-)

morgaine_dulac 2009.02.17 - 04:02PM 1: The Sauna Signed
Oh I've spotted the wood, alright! Muahaha!!!

Author's Response: Mwrowr!

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