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Reviews for The Scent of Lilies

SataiDelenn 2012.07.29 - 01:33AM 1: At Last Signed
OMG! This is beautiful, but at the same time, so very sad (for both of them). One in love with someone who likely will never love her back, and the other in love with someone who walked away from him because he let his peers pressure him. I agree with the person who said he deserves better. He does, but he'll never get it. I despised Rowling's writing of Snape & Lily. I never thought about guilt being the motivating factor over love, but I can easily see it. He was devasted by what he did after hearing the prophecy. But aren't most of us ruled by guilt over things we shouldn't have done but did? The difference is, most of us can let it go, eventually. He can't. As a result, he despises himself, and that embeds the guilt deeper, and then Harry comes along, and now he's driven to protect Harry in an effort to assuage the guilt of Lily, but it becomes a vicious cycle, and well, you see where it led. Thank goodness we have fanfiction though, and can recreate our own stories if we want, which then changes what Rowling wrote, lol. Anyway, again, very well done, and beautifully written!

tangerine dream 2010.10.23 - 11:38AM 1: At Last Signed
Beautiful story!! Very bittersweet and incredibly erotic!!

essenni 2009.06.22 - 11:07AM 1: At Last Signed
Hi! I enjoyed this story very much. The idea is wonderful and you have written it very nicely. Thank you!

Bella_Portia 2009.03.09 - 04:40AM 1: At Last Signed
I happened to read the other reviews, so this may be a dissenting vote. I thought it was a beautifully written, little bit of erotica that does not need to be about a "relationship" because it is most poignant as a stand-alone piece. We all know Snape's obsessed with Lily. That's who he is. (Bellatrix is obsessed with Voldemort; what are you doing to do?) He get's one moment to take with him into the darkness of eternity. I think that's a perfectly good story. Liked it a lot.

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind review, Bella. I envisioned it originally as a one-shot, and, although I've been playing with second chapters, haven't been able to find anything that strikes the right note (too much erotic & not enough angst, or vice versa).

Trickie Woo 2009.02.17 - 05:54PM 1: At Last Signed
I agree with Rose and I hope you will follow this up. Why should Calliope suffer guilt? He's not stupid, he knew the whole time that it was St. Lily, that it was really Calliope. Why he wanted a girl who wouldn't even accept his heartfelt apology I'll never know. I don't agree with Rowling's whole take on his motivation. He was riven by guilt, not unrequited love for the sainted Lily Potter. He felt guilty for telling 'He Who I Find Most Tedious & Tiresome' what he had heard of the prophecy and that made him feel as if he were wholey responsible for the deaths of both Lily and James. Those feelings were really collateral damage that Severus suffered and Dumbledore used his guilt. He is the one who fanned it into an obssession and then used it as a knife to twist into Severus to get him to do whatever Dumbledore wanted him to do. Snape deserved better than Lily, you should let him discover the joys that he could have with Calliope.

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks for thinking outside the Snape box. Hope my second installment (forthcoming!) won't disappoint.

Rose of the West 2009.02.16 - 05:55PM 1: At Last Signed
It's so very sad that this was the OC's only opportunity with him. It's sad, too, that he refuses to move away from his grief and obsession. Perhaps, knowing what really happened, he will take another look at the woman who really exists...

Author's Response: Hmm, I hadn't considered another chapter to this. Thanks for you kind words. Wonder if I should follow up, as you say?

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