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Reviews for The Potion That Killed Our Dreams

samusaran101 2013.10.17 - 07:53PM 1: The Potion That Killed Our Dreams Signed
Lol! Nice! NO!! SNAPE!! I LOVE YOU!! Snape: Five billion points from Gryffindor!

Author's Response: Oh, I had almost forgotten this silly little piece. Thanks for reading and reminding me! :-)

testingt 2011.11.14 - 11:31PM 1: The Potion That Killed Our Dreams Signed
It's canon that one can't create True Love, only obsessive interest. Nor destroy it, I daresay. So this is just weeding out the unworthy competition....

Author's Response: Oh, you found a positive aspect! GOOD! :-)

Neko Mata 2010.12.11 - 11:04AM 1: The Potion That Killed Our Dreams Signed
We really would need one though, delicious as he is! Really made my day! Should the potion fail, leave some for me too! ;)

Author's Response: Only thing you can do is get in line. Keep in mind that it is a looong line. You might want to bring a sleeping bag and some food. :-)

star_girl 2009.02.15 - 05:15PM 1: The Potion That Killed Our Dreams Signed
Rat penis? RAT PENIS?? You are SICK, woman! And all the potion in the world can't stop us from loving him ;)

Author's Response: Sick? ME? What else is new? LOL And you're right: that potion had no point at all. But let the man dream ;-)

memory 2009.02.13 - 05:18AM 1: The Potion That Killed Our Dreams Signed
Just imagine if this were real! What would you do? How would you spend your future days, mourning and crying? And yet, what a perfect punishment for ypur cruelty, dear... BTW, malvagia e disonesta che non sei altro, why you never tell me about your new pieces? You deserve that potion, I'm going to help Severus brewing it!

Author's Response: Okay, my Italian is no good, but I do have the feeling that 'malvagia e disonesta che non sei altro' was not a compliment! And I didn't tell you about this because you are supposed to be WORKING! and not reading fan fic! Ha! ;-)

Rose of the West 2009.02.12 - 05:40PM 1: The Potion That Killed Our Dreams Signed
Eh...it's HIS loss... That's quite entertaining!

Author's Response: Oh yeah! Totally his loss. But then again, could he handle ALL of us? ;-)

debjunk 2009.02.12 - 05:09PM 1: The Potion That Killed Our Dreams Signed
Anything for you morgaine!

Author's Response: Naw!

sevvy 2009.02.12 - 04:48PM 1: The Potion That Killed Our Dreams Signed
Yay! Just what I needed to cheer me up after I couldn't face reveiwing your other great on-going fic earlier today (just too sad for me currently!) I think our lovely Potions master could go to the ends of the earth, through the very pits of fiery hell whilst disguised as the most hideous monster, & he'd still find a trail of us most loyal fangirls following in hot pursuit, fawning & swooning at his feet: No matter what he does to deflect our attentions we can still see right through him!

Author's Response: *sigh* Yes, us loyal fan girls ... now just HOW PATHETIC are we anyway? LOL Btw, the other story will soon get more cheery, I promise. /M

Stella Stargazer 2009.02.12 - 03:26PM 1: The Potion That Killed Our Dreams Signed
Why, oh why would the Master want to do such a heinous thing? After all, we mean him no harm....we just want to bask in his presence (or something like that)....You really made me grin madly with this one.

Author's Response: I know some of us fan girls in person. Trust me, I would take a repellent potion, too! ;-) Glad I made you grin. That was the point. Cheers. /M

debjunk 2009.02.12 - 01:15PM 1: The Potion That Killed Our Dreams Signed
You'd think he'd enjoy all of the attention. I'm off to my lab to produce some fangirl anti-repellant potion.

Author's Response: You'll be sharing, right? Pretty please!! ;-)

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