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Reviews for Someone Young and Whole

hot_stuff11 2013.05.17 - 03:19AM 2: The Rules Signed
I have read this so, so, so many times, and it's on my favorites, and despite all that, I don't think I've ever reviewed it! Bad me! Well, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it in every way, and wish there was more!!!!!

AvrilFanXoxo 2011.02.14 - 04:52PM 2: The Rules Signed
This is a filthy fic... I LOVE IT!!

tangerine dream 2010.12.27 - 06:43PM 2: The Rules Signed
So wonderfully hot & erotic!! Each chapter is a story in itself!! I so want to read more about this threesome!!!

morgaine_dulac 2009.03.03 - 12:23PM 2: The Rules Signed
I just go for the comment 'yum yum yum' and eagerly wait to read about the rest of that night.

Author's Response: Thanks, morgaine! I'm having fun writing it!

sevvy 2009.03.03 - 05:48AM 2: The Rules Signed
BTW: Like Trickie Woo, I have always thought of both Remus and Sirius as gay (but not necessarily in a relationship together, you understand!) :-)

Author's Response: I know, I know. It's just that I've loved RL since even before I knew David Thewlis was playing him in the film...and I can't imagine the DT version of RL or the version in my head as being "strictly dickly". I just can't!

sevvy 2009.03.03 - 04:06AM 2: The Rules Signed
I know we're probably not supposed to comment too much on other reviewers reviews (after all reviews are supposed to be about the story!) but Trickie Woo's comments just made me laugh out loud! Bless! I couldn't agree more though - we all know SS is the most virile, competent & best lover in the world (our fantasies of course!) & love fiction that portrays this! But, I have to say, this was something else! I think it is perfect in it's own rights (Snape taking control like that would have to be a turn-on for any woman) so I will be interested to see where this goes... Well done for writing (you have more nerve than me!) :-)

Author's Response: Thanks, Sevvy. And I agree, Trickie cracks me up too! Philosophically I see SS as a sub, but it was just too perfect here to have him topping NT *and* RL.

Trickie Woo 2009.03.03 - 12:00AM 2: The Rules Signed
As far as requests go, I wouldn't mind passionate marathon sex that proves his stamina and his equipment is superior to all the other men. I'd like to see Lucius jealous of his prowess. I'd like to see Tonks bragging about it and Lupin and the hound so intimidated by it that they are reduced to being quivering messes. I'd like to see the adult females fantasizing about him and fighting among themselves over him; except for Trixie, keep her mooning over 'He Who I Find Most Tedious & Tiresome'. Even the "Tedious One' (the TO for short) should be awed and somewhat intimidated by Snape's virility and passion. About Lupin and the hound, I've always felt that they were a gay couple.

Author's Response: Trickie, I like the way you think... LOL I'll see what I can do!

Trickie Woo 2009.03.02 - 07:31PM 2: The Rules Signed
I'm disappointed, I was hoping for all Snape/Tonks, all the time. She deserves better than Lupin, if she marries him, he will walk out on her when she's pregnant and will be shamed into going back by teenagers who have a better grasp of love and committment than he does. On the other hand, Severus does deserve someone to love who will love him back. He'd never walk out on her, no one was more loyal that him.

Author's Response: Trickie- Love your comment about the teenagers "who etc.). You're so right! Unfortunately, my plot bunny had to go the Lupin way. I'll start another thread that's just SS/NT pretty soon though. Any specific request?

star_girl 2009.02.15 - 05:20PM 1: A Snaping Signed
I hadn't actually considered this pairing at all before really, but that was some great smut :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I had fun with this pairing - I'm going to have to play with it again!

morgaine_dulac 2009.02.15 - 07:20AM 1: A Snaping Signed
Well, well, what can one say when Trickie had already reviewed? That was a nice piece of, um, punishment. Give me some more of this and I might just start to like this pairing. Cheers. /M

Author's Response: I think I will follow up on this. Glad you like the NT/SS action! I do too!

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