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Reviews for The Unconditional Vow

laetitichat 2009.11.30 - 05:17PM 38: Signs and Portents Signed
The last 3 chapters were really skillfully written. His pain is like a hurrican, so violent. But even the worst of the storm must stop on day. Tess is a little like a ray of light. Slowly but surely, she penetrate Severus' dark world. Will he accept her light ? Your grave scene is so poignant, so realistic, so in tune with Severus character - or at least the picture I have of him in my head.

Author's Response: Thank you for leaving a review. The graveside scene was one of my favourite chapters to write; it was such a privilege to explore Severus's grief and pain. What will happen when Tess's light reaches him...? Keep reading, and find out!

makaem 2009.02.26 - 04:15PM 38: Signs and Portents Signed
i wanted to tell you again how much I like this story. Can Snape pick up on any of her feelings toward him (when the rings are activated)?

Author's Response: Thank you - and I'm glad you're still enjoying the story. Your question is a good one... There's a clue in Ch39 and more of an answer in Ch42.

hexgirl 2009.02.24 - 09:22AM 38: Signs and Portents Signed
I think Dobbin was right - definitely a C - It's about time he got over the L word - she had rotten taste in men anyway.

Author's Response: ROFL! Well, one letter which it definitely *wasn't* was a 'H'. Tee-hee!

Rose of the West 2009.02.12 - 12:56PM 38: Signs and Portents Signed
From intense grief to something almost playful. And the shavings...hmmm... We tend to gloss over the fact that in book six, Sybill and her cards were almost always correct, even though she herself didn't believe them.

Author's Response: Many thanks again for your reviews! I was hoping to contrast Severus's public and private personas, and also interested to discover when and where his persona changed in this chapter...

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