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Reviews for A Better Childhood

Budgie 2009.02.12 - 12:44PM 3: Chapter 3 – Getting Ready to Leave Signed
Even four years old, and full of questions :-) I love that he thinks Albus is Merlin. It's sad that he's never had any toys, but I'm glad that he has some positive memories of his mother. A child should never be neglected by his/parents. Alastor looks scary? I suppose that's a nice way of putting it. The mental image I've always gotten when reading about his missing limbs and his crazy blue eye is positively grotesque... But Severus, beside some 'minor' bullying of Gryffindors and dunderheads in general, doesn't seem like the type to go for appearences, and he will undoubtedly grow quite attached to you nicer version of Mad-Eye.

Author's Response: Yes, I will get very much attached to my nicer version of Moody. You will see.

memory 2009.02.12 - 07:41AM 3: Chapter 3 – Getting Ready to Leave Signed
Hello Grugster! This is memory from Italy, so, you see, you are not the only non native speaker in this site... and also in some other ;) I had already spotted your story in TPP and took a quick glance. I love stories about children (I'm a mother of two) and from your profile I also know that you work with difficult or abused ones. This is a subject that calls for private messages, however, so I must stop here, but I want anyway to tell you that I greatly admire those who, like you, have the courage and the force to help these creatures. About your story, I love it. I always had a soft spot for de-aged Severus, and the funny thing is that I too was beginning a similar story, but from a completely different POV. I like very much how you handled till now Severus' reactions and the adults around him. I'm a bit perplexed about Poppy married with Moody, but let's see what happens next. I'm glad that our dear Potion master will find some joy in his new childhood. All the best from sunny Italy. Hope to read you soon. (And hope also you don't find my English too horrid ;)

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your review! Your English is perfect for me. I'm glad you like my story!

Rose of the West 2009.02.10 - 07:20PM 3: Chapter 3 – Getting Ready to Leave Signed
It's really sweet to see him come out of himself that way.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review!

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