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Reviews for A Better Childhood

Budgie 2009.02.12 - 12:35PM 2: Chapter 2 - A New Life Signed
Hey there, I simply want to strangle Snape Senior for all that he's done to poor Severus!!! Beating him with a belt, locking him in the dark, and telling him that 'bad people will eat him' if he doesn't behave?!!! Truly, that man ought to have a taste of his own medicine!!! Poor Severus, waking up confused in a strange place not knowing what to make of it! I'm sure, however, that the four of them shall have him calm and happy in no time...

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your review! I have send you an email a few minutes before. Hope you can open the files.

Rose of the West 2009.02.05 - 04:43PM 2: Chapter 2 - A New Life Signed
You really pull at the heartstrings when describing the 4yo Severus and his impression of the world around him. I look forward to more of this story.

Author's Response: Yes, I see a lot of horrible things at work. To be honest, I have a special little boy in mind when I write on this story. He was already 5 1/2 when I met him first, but I thought that would confuse the readers to much to let Severus react like he does and already be that 'old'. Abused children often don't react like 'normal' children or 'normal developed' children. So I let Sev be four to avoid discussions. :) Thank you very much for your review.

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