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Reviews for The Rise of the House of Black

pitwitch 2009.04.04 - 01:49PM 15: Chapter Fifteen Signed
Ch 15 - Not liking Moody at all. Not even a tiny little bit. But is Regulus going to surrender quietly? Damn -- twisting and turning and up and down.

pitwitch 2009.04.04 - 01:42PM 14: Chapter Fourteen Signed
Ch 14 - I like that Sirius is Severus' guard dog. And, the jealousy over Lucius seems to spark even more of that. Severus is torn in so many directions. He really needs that guard dog here. Mind games upon mind games with so many twists -- WOW!

pitwitch 2009.04.04 - 01:35PM 13: Chapter Thirteen Signed
Ch 13 - Sirius has had quite a few shocks lately. Moody is pushing everyone's limits, isn't he? Sirius is a wanted man in more ways than one. Snape blaming it all on himself again -- always carryng the weight of the world on his shoulders. UGH -- did Sirius leave or stay? LOL @ the whole school got a ride. Poor Harry -- that would be a shock to the system after all. And the boys grow closer ...

Author's Response: Sh*t. I see I haven't responded to this. So sorry about that. Thanks so much for reviewing. Scaranda.

pitwitch 2009.04.04 - 01:24PM 12: Chapter Twelve Signed
Ch 12 - I am intrigued by the emerging relationship between Harry and Draco. They do seem quite compatible as you've written and sympathetic to each other -- possibly even helpful, good for each other. Draco is very perceptive, isn't he? And rebounds well -- the power of youth. I'd definitely see to death to Lucius as well, but not until after Narcissa died horribly at my own hand. Quiet Snape isn't really a scary Snape to me. A germ of an idea ... what viral thoughts live in his mind?

Author's Response: Sh*t. I see I haven't responded to this. So sorry about that. Thanks so much for reviewing. Scaranda.

morgaine_dulac 2009.03.31 - 12:54PM 19: Chapter Nineteen Signed
"The Slytherins hadnít been at the back of the queue when sex appeal had been handed out." Nope, they certainly had not! Oh, this was a lovely chapter. Gotta love Lucius Malfoy! Cheers. /M

Author's Response: Sh*t. I see I haven't responded to this. So sorry about that. Thanks so much for reviewing. Scaranda.

pitwitch 2009.03.31 - 08:26AM 11: Chapter Eleven Signed
Ch 11 -- aaahhh, giving the animals sentience and magic. Brilliant twist! Lucius? Kill Narcissa. Crucify her!

pitwitch 2009.03.31 - 08:11AM 10: Chapter Ten Signed
Ch 10 - oooooh - who could be helping Severus? Minerva to the rescue -- wily old cat. Must you torture Draco so? Meddling old bee -- smoothing the dog's hackles for Severus. Draco is made of much sterner materials in your world. I like that. Now, get Severus and Minerva out of there, quick like!

pitwitch 2009.03.30 - 08:04AM 9: Chapter Nine Signed
Ch 9 - Severus is always alone, isn't he? Just makes me want to take him home, and keep him, but not alone. Narcissa must die. Slowly, painfully, and piece by tiny litltle piece.

Author's Response: She's a bad b**** in this one, isn't she. We'll see if she reaps as she sows. (You can't have Severus either. I'm first in tbat queue too.) Thanks again, Scaranda

pitwitch 2009.03.30 - 07:57AM 8: Chapter Eight Signed
Ch 8: Finding myself liking your Remus more as the story progresses. Imperius'd Lucius is even more dangerous. Now who cast the curse?

Author's Response: Who indeed? (not me, unfortunately) Imperius'd or not, I'm first in the queue. Thanks again for that. Scaranda.

pitwitch 2009.03.30 - 07:48AM 7: Chapter Seven Signed
Ch 7 -- Still evokes tons of sympathy for the youngest Malfoy. Well, well, Sirius stands up to be counted. Nicely done.

Author's Response: Now, don't be too hard on the Black boy. Severus needs a foil remember. As for Draco, well, things look down before they look up. Thanks again. Scaranda.

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