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Reviews for The Potions Master

Pericles 2010.07.24 - 06:35PM 1: ~~~ Signed
that was really amusing...hahaha!

Author's Response: so glad to have amused you. thanks for the review. :D

sevvy 2009.03.11 - 07:44AM 1: ~~~ Signed
You'll think I'm stalking you now but, having checked out some of your stuff of TPP (can I say that here?!), I thought I'd do this same on this site as it was (& still is) my first & foremost site where I do most of my reviewing. This had me laughing out loud - good for you!

Author's Response: i'm so glad my bit of silliness made you laugh! this used to be my favorite site, too. (and it was in a review response on ashwinder that i first learned about tpp, so it must be okay to mention it). :)

morgaine_dulac 2009.01.19 - 03:05PM 1: ~~~ Signed
Oh so true, so true! :-)

Author's Response: glad you liked it! thanks for the review. :)

Rose of the West 2009.01.16 - 09:03AM 1: ~~~ Signed
Quite fun, and a bit eye-popping in places. A backdoor tribute to Arlo Guthrie, too... I'm going to have the tune to "Alice's Restaurant" in my head all day, now.

Author's Response: i'm glad you enjoyed it. thank you so much for the review. i hadn't thought about the influence of alice's restaurant, but i'm sure it's there, given the grooves i wore into that album in my youth. :)

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