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Reviews for Birthday Similarities

LChaim 2010.05.12 - 11:34AM 1: One shot, complete Signed
aww...poor little guy! Such a sad scene here and you can totally see why Severus is the way that he is. great writing too by the way!

kittylefish 2009.01.20 - 07:42PM 1: One shot, complete Signed
very sad and poignant. and i did note the similarities to harry. thanks for highlighting the parallels.

Alcina vom Steinsberg 2009.01.14 - 08:40AM 1: One shot, complete Signed
Oh my, what a sad little boy! Excellent drabble, quite a jewel.

morgaine_dulac 2009.01.13 - 04:19PM 1: One shot, complete Signed

star_girl 2009.01.13 - 08:49AM 1: One shot, complete Signed
This was bittersweet. My heart goes out to Severus.

sevvy 2009.01.13 - 07:56AM 1: One shot, complete Signed
Thanks for your e-mail response; I may well look into that offer another time but,to be perfectly honest, I think I waste enough time on that man as it is without yet more excuses to get out of doing the housework!!

sevvy 2009.01.13 - 03:07AM 1: One shot, complete Signed
I wondered when someone was going to acknowledge/remember Severus' birthday; you've done this very well. I can certainly imagine this being a young Severus - it totally fits. One can't help wondering though if, desperate as he was for the arrival of his letter inviting him to attend Hogwarts as a result of his turning 11, that this wasn't the beginning of the end for him as it were; he may have been better off never going there! Well done for this and thanks for sharing.

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