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Reviews for Blood Moon

purpleygirl 2011.08.18 - 07:27AM 2: Part 2 Signed
I love the way you've peeled away their consciences, in such a slow, delicate way. Lupin was bound to lose his first, being a werewolf. But it would be harder for him, too, as he's not able to compartmentalise his thoughts & emotions like Snape. Like the ambiguous ending - Lupin's in total control, and Snape doesn't care enough to do anything about it. Nicely summed up by Draco managing to get away from their self-poisoning relationship. It was maybe Snape's final concession.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot :) I do think that enabling Draco to get away was the last act of kindness they could manage.

Vidracious 2010.06.16 - 12:01PM 1: Part 1 Signed
A Dark Snape and Lupin kinda story? It's awesome! I like the storyline and such...

Author's Response: Thanks a lot :)

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