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Reviews for A Different Kind of Hero

magialuna 2009.11.05 - 06:02PM 4: Chapter Four Signed
I'm so glad you wrote so quickly! I thought I had read the whole story because I thought this site showed the whole story when you click the print button! I'm so glad I was wrong. Great great ending! I could just visualize his face when Sirius told him that Neville was teaching Potions! ROFL. I loved the dedication everyone showed in trying to heal him (which weren't bothered with in JKR land) and I loved that you acknowledged how terribly uncomfortable he'd be in that limelight. Wonderful. Clare

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Clare. I'm glad you found the rest of it, and so pleased you saw fit to drop me a line. Scaranda

magialuna 2009.11.05 - 04:13PM 1: Chapter One Signed
This story is really really good. Is there more? Or is it left without ever finding Severus? I would love to read a follow-up if they found him... I hate to think of him lying there alone. Surely they found him somehow! As much as I prefer Snucius or Snarry to 'Snack' I still would love SS to have the happy ending JKR denied him... Clare

Author's Response: Thanks Clare. There are 4 chapters to the story. Scaranda

sevvy 2009.02.04 - 06:54AM 4: Chapter Four Signed
Naughty me for not reviewing sooner; this, as usual for you, was great! It's certainly been another interesting take on things and a different use of characters. I think that the last line just sums it up perfectly for me in that spot-on, succinct way of writing that you have: 'I almost fancied I heard the terrified hush that dropped over his classroom as he pushed the door open; Severus Snape was back.'! And long may he continue to be, I say!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, sevvy. I'm pleased you enjoyed it. At least when I finish with Severus I try to give him back in good condition! Thanks again for reading and reviewing, Scaranda

steelyblue 2009.01.30 - 06:40AM 4: Chapter Four Signed
Loved it, I thought that was great- so different the way you used Neville. And all the time I thought tht Severus was the different kind of hero.

Author's Response: Thanks for that. I always thought that Neville was treated a little shabbily in the books, and I wanted to put the record straight for him. Thanks again, Scaranda

sevvy 2009.01.14 - 09:46AM 2: Chapter Two Signed
Please tell me they're going to save our dear Sev - he SO deserves it!

Author's Response: We'll see. Thanks so much, Sevvy, both for reading and reviewing, Scaranda.

Alcina vom Steinsberg 2009.01.14 - 08:59AM 2: Chapter Two Signed
Very intriguing. Quite an AU, one that already got me hooked. I do hope they can save Snape, he has earned it so much..

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Alcina (great name, by the way). So pleased that you're enjoying, and thanks for taking the time to review, Scaranda.

Stella Stargazer 2009.01.14 - 08:40AM 2: Chapter Two Signed
Ah, Scaranda. You've done it again. You've sucked me into your own little alternate universe, and, as usual, I'm hooked. Waiting for more....

Author's Response: Thanks, Stella. Great to know you're enjoying it, and thanks for reviewing. It's always so good to know it's being enjoyed, Scaranda

sevvy 2009.01.13 - 03:28AM 1: Chapter One Signed
As I've told you before; I'm a convert to your stories and this is really good (again!) Look forward to more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, sevvy. It's always so good to know stories are being enjoyed. Hope you like the rest, Scaranda

pitwitch 2009.01.10 - 02:09PM 1: Chapter One Signed
Wow! I'm starting to like Sirius and Snape all because of you now! I really enjoy the different twist of the whole Shrieking Shack incident as well. Damn Lucius anyway. Crossed fingers for Snape's well-being ...

Author's Response: I know, Pitt; as we've discussed it's one of those fixations I never quite laid aside. The more people I can convert to my way of thinking the better. (I really must get out more). Thanks so much for the review, Scaranda.

steelyblue 2009.01.06 - 11:51AM 1: Chapter One Signed
That was very moving. It made me wish that JK had written bit more sympathy for Snape into her chracters. I hope they get to him on time. Steel.

Author's Response: Quite. I thought his whole treatment was very shabby indeed. Just a mention in a footnote, and the eternal knowledge that the Potter brat had named his son after him. How's that for damnation? Thanks so much for taking the time to review, Scaranda.

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