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Reviews for See Snape Cum

scoutwithwings 2009.08.02 - 10:54PM 1: One Signed
Hilarious!! loving this bit of originallity

Hechicera 2009.06.15 - 03:04PM 1: One Signed
This. Is. Hilarious.

TheGreatOracle 2008.07.05 - 10:08AM 3: Three Signed
Wow...super hilarious! Where can we get a DVD copy of that?! Heehee :p

EverMystique 2008.04.05 - 05:51PM 3: Three Signed
Goodness gracious. Can I have detention, too? LOL. Interesting way to handle "what do you do with a Death Eater unemployed?"

snapefan51 2008.03.27 - 01:07PM 3: Three Signed
He's quite snarky in this which I love. Please write some more. Perhaps Lucius is in need of employment as well ?

janis 2006.09.20 - 10:09PM 3: Three Signed
I might have to check these films out. Where can I pick one up?

xxrockmeisterxx 2006.09.18 - 11:46PM 3: Three Signed
I love this. Hilarious!

Dixie50 2006.09.08 - 10:37PM 3: Three Signed
that was a fantastic story. About time someone made porno to entertain us women. I laughed and laughed. Good to see Severus living happily ever after. thanks for writing this story.

dara st john 2006.02.03 - 05:39PM 3: Three Signed
"love mushroom up her spooty on a regular basis". Classic.

dara st john 2006.02.03 - 05:30PM 2: Two Signed
My poor mistreated Snapey...soft focus, indeed!!

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