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Reviews for The Viewers Want To Know

hot_stuff11 2013.09.19 - 10:44PM 1: The Viewers Want To Know Signed
He was hilarious in this! I loved what you did in this story. :)

Trickie Woo 2008.10.28 - 11:15PM 1: The Viewers Want To Know Signed
His character is questionable in this, but it seems he does care about the innocents like Susan Bones. I enjoyed it in spite of myself, but I did like the interlude with Stella best because it didn't make me feel a vague sense of squick.

Author's Response: Trickie Woo, thanks for the review. Sorry you were squicked by this version of Snape. I have many different views of Severus' as you'll have realized by now and it depends on my mood as to how he turns out. I think canon Snape has a very questionable character in many ways, I just gave him one more.

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