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Reviews for When Two Tribes Go to War

martins 2012.07.28 - 08:32AM 3: Chapter Three Signed
Perhaps the only relationship that I love more than Severus and Sirius' in this story is Lucius, and his vanity. Hilarious! Pity he was such a bastard at the end. Not as much as Potty though, I suppose. Perhaps you can consider a sequel?

steelyblue 2008.10.26 - 02:18PM 2: Chapter Two Signed
This seems to be getting darker. I've a bad feeling about James Potter and what teh prefects are up to.

Author's Response: Thanks for that, Steelyblue. Darker indeed. Last part posted now, hope you enjoy, Scaranda

pitwitch 2008.10.21 - 03:22PM 1: Chapter One Signed
I can't wait to see who wins. And, uh, BTW, Pettigrew? Peter Pettigrew? No wonder Snape took the Dark Mark. He needed something to erase that from his consciousness. Thanks for sharing, Pitt

Author's Response: My only excuse is that, like Severus, I decided to get the nasty stuff out of the way first. Thanks for reading and reviewing, Scaranda

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