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Reviews for The Unconditional Vow

makaem 2008.09.22 - 03:28PM 21: A New Headmaster Signed
You didn't leave just Severus to his misgivings, I'm worried about everyone with the Carrows at Hogwarts. I need to go back and read your comments, but my perception of the story has changed. In the beginning I thought it would follow the last book, with the exception being that Snape wouldn't be alone-- if for no other reason than Dumblesore always having a back up plan. Now I'm curious how this change will impact the end I find myself hoping for a better ending for Snape, if for no other reason than it suits my image of Dumbledore to think he would try to save as many as he could. Like Harry, who he was willing to sacrifice, but hoped would survive, Snape mattered to much to be abandoned totally. Anyway, interesting story and I look forward to more.

Author's Response: I think your initial perception of the story is spot-on, as the ending for Snape will be canon-compliant. However, I believe there are ways of giving Snape a better ending, and they do not rely on him staying alive.

Rose of the West 2008.09.20 - 08:10PM 21: A New Headmaster Signed
I've always wondered how the Carrows, who appear to be completely uneducated, ever attained teaching positions, yet, there's Albus, before his death, sure that they will be brought to Hogwarts. I hope Contessa is ok with the impression everyone is going to have of her. How are they going to make it look convincing?

Author's Response: The scene where Albus comments on the Carrows is actually a canon continuity error; I had to navigate around that when I planned the plot.

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