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Reviews for I'll Be There

scoutwithwings 2009.08.11 - 03:50AM 18: A Beautiful Beginning Signed
Very wonderful and brilliantly written! This is the Severus I like to see :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you weren't put off by Alissa's strong personality! I thought they would fit like two peas in a pod. Thanks! Livvy

crazymarie111 2009.04.23 - 12:57PM 18: A Beautiful Beginning Signed
I really enjoyed this story. You mentioned there might be a followup about Hermione and Remus? I looked but can't seem to find it. Have you started posting, and if so where?

Author's Response: I am still working on it. It will be a while, but I will post it. I already promised my beta! Thanks :) Livvy

sevvy 2008.10.23 - 06:06AM 18: A Beautiful Beginning Signed
Loved the ending to this really great story which (like so many others) I've been following from the beginning. If only Ms. Rowling had been as generous with her version! I'm a great fan of all your stuff so far & look forward to seeing more from you. Thanks for this!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm still deciding which story to post next, but I'll have a new one up soon! Thanks, Livvy

LadySeverus 2008.10.20 - 09:24PM 18: A Beautiful Beginning Signed
Wow! I must admit that I am sad that this story is over. I've been reading it from day 1 and have really enjoyed it and am always excited when you have updated. I love Alissa's character. She is the kind of strong woman I imagine Snape to be with. Well done!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! I shall be posting a new one soon and I hope you like her as well! Thanks, Livvy

Rose of the West 2008.10.20 - 02:00PM 18: A Beautiful Beginning Signed
A very sweet ending to a thrilling story.

Author's Response: Thank you! Livvy

Rose of the West 2008.10.20 - 01:56PM 17: Remembering Signed
Everything is so close now. I think it was very realistic, the way she relived their lives as she waited to see whether he would be all right.

Author's Response: I'm glad you appreciated that. I think it makes the reader remember all the things they had gone through to be together. Thanks! Livvy

Rose of the West 2008.10.20 - 01:54PM 16: The Trap Signed
So now she has a chance to do what she had been planning for practically her whole life.

Author's Response: Yup! I love happy endings! Livvy

Sorla 2008.10.20 - 01:04PM 18: A Beautiful Beginning Signed
Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!! i've been reading this since it started here on little old occlumency, you write brilliantly!!! thanks for a great story!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! THanks for reviewing, Livvy

Rose of the West 2008.10.16 - 03:03PM 15: A Touch of Bildungsroman Signed
I can see why she was miffed, but I hope she realizes how much love was behind his request. He doesn't understand her very well, though, if he can make that request.

Author's Response: I think he does, but he has what every man has - the desperate need to protect their women. They have to feel stronger and more capable. But there was a lot of love behind it. He just wants her safe. thanks, Livvy

makaem 2008.10.15 - 11:36PM 14: A Sad Silence Signed
This is wonderful. I intended to review chapter by chapter but greed took over and I kept reading. When will she present herself to Minerva? I like the idea that Dumbledore included more members of the Order in his plans. I always thought it odd that Harry and his friends knew but no one else. Dumbledore had to know there was a chance Harry would die, so there would have had to have been another team ready to take over the hunt for the horcruxes.

Author's Response: Me too! There had to be a back-up plan, not leave everything to three teenagers! Thanks for reviewing! Livvy

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