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Reviews for Veneratio Piscatoris

mkwiant 2012.10.15 - 02:51PM 1: Veneratio Piscatoris Signed

Trickie Woo 2008.09.16 - 08:03PM 1: Veneratio Piscatoris Signed
Thanks, that clears it up for me. Wondering about that would have nagged at me all evening.

Trickie Woo 2008.09.16 - 04:32PM 1: Veneratio Piscatoris Signed
This is beautifully and romantically written, though I find myself puzzled about the technical side. How do they copulate? With fish I know that the female releses her eggs into the water and then the male releases his sperm over them (that doesn't sound like much fun at all); but how do a man and a mermaid do it? You emphasized that they stayed in their natural forms and they obviously considered it making love. I have a very logical and analytical mind and this is going to drive me batty tonight trying to figure it out.

Author's Response: LOL Well... I didn't figure it would be precisely like fish since mermaids are usually depicted with breasts and navels. Mermaids (specifically the medieval siren or melusine) have sometimes been portrayed as having a split tail. I envisioned something not unlike this...basically, a fissure (that otherwise appears hidden behind her scales) in the same approximate location as human female genitalia.

Scaranda 2008.09.16 - 02:00PM 1: Veneratio Piscatoris Signed
A lovely piece of work

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

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