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Reviews for Anything But This

kittymipie 2011.06.06 - 10:50PM 1: Part 1 Signed
haha, that was soo funny, i almost lol-ed out loud, and i'm "Sleeping" lol

Author's Response: Thehe, trust me, I had a good laugh when I wrote this, too. Hope you had a good night's sleep. You sure made my morning with your reviews. Cheers. /M

Neko Mata 2010.12.02 - 06:00PM 1: Part 1 Signed
Good idea, haha! IŽd take dancing lessons anytime, wouldnŽt you? ;)

Author's Response: Oh YES!! And I really HATE dancing!

Overhill 2010.09.20 - 10:28PM 1: Part 1 Signed
SOMEONE had to teach the Slitherins for the Yule Ball!

Author's Response: Exactly my thinking!

notwolf 2010.08.15 - 12:37PM 1: Part 1 Signed
Ah, now THAT is torture! LOL. Why do we all love to torment Severus? :P

Author's Response: I asked my shrink the same question. She thinks I am a sadist. What's your excuse? ;-)

sevvy 2008.11.01 - 05:26PM 1: Part 1 Signed
Yay - move over Sharleen Spitari!! I've just come across this whilst in the process of reading 'The Way Home' (which I'll be reviewing separately & is great BTW.) You kindly reviewed my poem recently & I've since been trying to catch up on authors stories I'm not familiar with or have never read, this story being one such. Short, simple, amsuing & clever - in short, loved it!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! Thanks fr taking the time to check out my work. /M

Alcina vom Steinsberg 2008.10.04 - 04:51AM 1: Part 1 Signed
Lovely! *laughs* I just can imagine him waltzing ramrod-straight with a Millicent, overly happy and swooning in his arms...

Author's Response: I am really considering writing something about that dancing lesson. I have a feeling that it would be very amusing!

debjunk 2008.09.15 - 04:00PM 1: Part 1 Signed
Ha, ha. I can just picture him, all stiff, ramrod straight, not touching the young lady. Pansy, perhaps?

Author's Response: Pansy would sure like that. But somehow I have the feeling that Severus will delegate the whole thing to Draco, stand behind him, shout instructions and tell him off for his incompetence ;-)

Moira of the Mountain 2008.09.15 - 02:37PM 1: Part 1 Signed
I love this !!! Delicious little vignette - somehow I expect dancing lessons from Sev would be more like a dueling lesson than anything else - and Goddess forbid you should trod upon his toe !!

Author's Response: Would he ever even touch a student? In my head, he is delegating the whole thing to Draco, yelling insults from behind. ;-) Glad you liked it. Cheers. /M

Cuthalion 2008.09.15 - 10:09AM 1: Part 1 Signed

Author's Response: *gigglesnorts*? hehe, that was a new one. Glad that you found it amusing. /M

Trickie Woo 2008.09.14 - 02:05AM 1: Part 1 Signed
This was another of Dumbledore's form of torturing Severus. I wonder which he prefers, this or having the Tedious One throw Crucios at him?

Author's Response: I'd say he'd take a nice little Crucio any day ;-) /M

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