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Reviews for Almost

Ratwoman 2008.09.13 - 01:38PM 1: Almost Signed
Oh, I like that. Nice twist at the end Very comforting thought that at least some might have realized Snape for what he is

Author's Response: I do think Neville would have had at least an inkling - I think he understood far, far more than his peers (or most of the adults in his life) gave him credit for. Thank you. :)

Trickie Woo 2008.09.12 - 04:27PM 1: Almost Signed
I also agree with Rose and Morgaine. Luna would have seen it, she's very perceptive. I think the members of the DA may have felt it intuitively, I think that's what subconsciously gave them the strength to rebel like they did. I wonder if any of the staff had that same intuition? Sybil would have been in a drunken haze too often to even notice it, but Firenze would know and I think he would have trusted Hagrid and told him.

Author's Response: Hagrid can't keep his mouth shut - I think Firenze would have realized that (had he had an inkling) sharing the information could endanger not only himself and Snape, and whomever he told, but all of the children as well. And I think it likely that a couple of the sharpest, who also knew of OoTP, could put two and two together, but they certainly would have kept it very quiet (for the same reason as I mention, above).

morgaine_dulac 2008.09.12 - 03:03PM 1: Almost Signed
I agree with Rose of the West. Somebody a Hogwarts MUST have realised that Snape was looking out for all of them. /M

Author's Response: I think Neville and Ginny were both sharp enough to suspect, at least, and I would put money down on him having a Slytherin or two who weren't LV followers (or children of) and who were sharp enough to Get It, or who he may have trusted enough to entrust with looking after the youngest.

Rose of the West 2008.09.12 - 02:35PM 1: Almost Signed
The more I re-read Deathly Hallows, the more I think the three left at the school had to realize that Snape was more of an ally than an enemy.

Author's Response: I think they must - Ginny's a sharp cookie, and I think Neville sees and understands far more than he's usually been given credit for.

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