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Reviews for Dark Coil

mkwiant 2012.10.06 - 05:39PM 27: Chapter 28 Signed
I dearly hope she doesn't die in the end!

mkwiant 2012.10.06 - 02:30PM 27: Chapter 28 Signed
So let me correct myself. Your last love scene was... well, after I read it my response was... Jesus. lol. I love Olivia's spunk! Can't wait to read more!

Run Wild 2004.10.11 - 02:18PM 27: Chapter 28 Anonymous
This story is developing so well and the quality of your writing is evolving at the same time. Things I like include the funny, extended duck/sea/ocean analogies in Ch 26; the vindictive way he left her “aching” for more (the bastard!); the inclusion of arcane Surinim (will we see more of this?); Olivia’s aptitude at classroom control with Draco (only a real teacher could write that scene); Lucius’s insidious warning with the pony tail band (there’s a lot about hair things in this – the chop stick, the wig – were you a hairdresser in a previous incarnation?); the sex scene in the bath; and the totally hilarious wrapped up in a sheet scene.

Melpomene Erato 2004.07.17 - 02:11AM 27: Chapter 28 Anonymous
Great scene! Why did he provoke he anger like that?

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