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Reviews for You Don't Know Me

FearTheQuiet 2017.02.13 - 07:22AM 6: Chapter Six Signed
I'm hooked keep going

Rose of the West 2012.02.10 - 01:28AM 44: Chapter Forty-Four Signed
Ah, so there's a traitor, whom Ethyl hasn't met. There aren't a whole lot of options, there.

Rose of the West 2012.02.07 - 01:22PM 43: Chapter Forty-Three Signed
Lucretia's concern for Severus is sweet. I love the way he sort of brushes by it. He should be concerned about showing her the home of his childhood and making her and Narcissa comfortable, but instead he's very much worried about the needs of his struggle against Riddle. I hope that Sirius's two letters aren't a little too clever. It would be a shame if Tom saw through them, although they do play to what Tom wants to see.

Eleni 2010.09.22 - 08:47AM 42: Chapter Forty-two Signed
This is a fantastic story. I love your Severus and all the other characters.

Eleni 2010.09.22 - 08:45AM 41: Chapter Forty-one Signed
Glad to know you have finished your story, you was missed.

nagandsev 2010.09.11 - 04:25AM 6: Chapter Six Signed
Really wonderful, intriguing revelation about Ethel; and for Severus -- a startling revelation about himself and Mr Riddle; and Dumbledore being Dumbledore;), frustrating as ever - enjoying & reading onwards - thanks!

Rose of the West 2010.09.09 - 02:20PM 42: Chapter Forty-two Signed
Orion today, Cygnus tomorrow? They died the same year, according to the Black Family Tree. Hmmmm... Sirius being economical with the truth made me laugh out loud, as did Severus's reflection that Ethyl in her 1000 years might know more than Severus in his 25. I've been waiting for *that* giant clue brick to hit him for most of the story. Indeed, I wonder how much power the Tedious One would have attained if the youngers had actually listened to their elders describe the Grindelwald War, but that's another tale, I suppose.

Rose of the West 2010.09.04 - 09:51AM 41: Chapter Forty-one Signed
The reason I ask is that if Riddle is half-blood, he actually has as much to fear from being close to the spirit of Slytherin as anyone else. Ethyl must be concerned about a bigger problem than the one that troubles the living people.

Author's Response: Now, now, don't you race too far ahead, Rose. Thanks for that... Scar.

johnbly341 2010.09.04 - 12:53AM 41: Chapter Forty-one Signed
I can't tell you how delighted I am to see another chapter in this story! This story interests me because the atmosphere seems so different from your other stories. I'm especially curious to see how you are going to use the shades of the Godric and Salazar and the others. Thanks for continuing this.

Author's Response: Thanks johnbly. It was difficult to pick this up after so long. I confess it hung around my neck like a millstone, and every now and again I'd get an email demanding to know when it would be finished. So I reread it (about 5 times), dipped my quill, and began again. It is all finished now, and I'm just polishing the chapters before I post them. Thanks so much for coming back to it. Scar

Rose of the West 2010.09.03 - 10:10PM 41: Chapter Forty-one Signed
More complications, or maybe some things are becoming clearer. Severus thinks the book only confirmed Voldemort's self-assurance, but I have the impression that it did so in a way that makes him more cocky. It will make him less careful and therefore a vulnerability or two might surface. I forget... is this Voldemort a pure-blood?

Author's Response: No, Rose. Riddle, and in fact all of the canon characters have canon backgounds; it's just the setting and relationships that are very much AU. Thanks so much, as always, for your comment. Scaranda

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