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Reviews for So Much It Hurts

Bella_Portia 2009.03.10 - 03:29AM 1: So Much It Hurts Signed
Excellent view from inside poor Snape's head during those last years of his adolescence, when he was facing Lily day after day and watching her affections change. I love stories that fill in the emotional gaps in the story; and you did a terrific job with this one.

Author's Response: Sorry for the extremely late response. Thank you, Bella. I like stories that fill in the gaps, too. Thanks for the kind review. Cheers!

Lady Whitehart 2008.08.23 - 05:20PM 1: So Much It Hurts Signed
It was as if his heart was a compass that constantly pointed in her direction. His mind was like a broken record replaying his memories of her. I really love these lines! You captured his pain wonderfully well.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Severus really is a tortured soul. I look up to him partially, because his pain is both his strength and his weakness. Thanks for reading and reviewing. Cheers!

debjunk 2008.08.20 - 08:23PM 1: So Much It Hurts Signed
Very intense. I think Severus definitely thought this way for some time after his friendship with Lily ended.

Author's Response: Thank you, I am glad you think so. Thanks for reading and reveiwing. Cheers!

Overhill 2008.08.19 - 02:03AM 1: So Much It Hurts Signed
What a pain-filled mood piece! Poor Severus, dealing with the aftermath of his loss of Lily, and never, ever recovering. You handled a delicate subject very well. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. This thought popped in my head the other day that Severus had to endure at least a whole year of school after he and Lily went there separate ways and this is what came to me. I'm glad you felt I handled the subject well. Thanks always for the reviews. Cheers!

scar2d2w 2008.08.18 - 09:51PM 1: So Much It Hurts Signed
good start...would like to see more!

Author's Response: Thank you. I do have some other Lily/Snape stories on this site that you may like. I will have to ponder this concept and see if I can continue on from this story. Thank you for the review. Cheers!

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