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Reviews for The Man Who Lived

duj 2017.05.15 - 11:32PM 1: The Man Who Lived Signed
Beautiful work, but I do wonder rather at your choice of Slytherin students that "never lost faith"? They seem a rather random group. Did you have canonic or narrative reasons for selecting those few, and only those few, or was it just a question of picking Slytherin names we'd recognise.

Jong_Kahn 2010.08.18 - 11:30PM 1: The Man Who Lived Signed
I enjoyed this story very much, and will "favorite" it as soon as I submit this review. I agree with all the comments by the other reviewers (as well as your replies) regarding JKR's inability to properly plumb the depths of Severus Snape--or to do right by his character--on any level. This story feels very healing, to Severus, the relationships in his life, and to those of us whose psyches resonate with him. Very nicely done; thank you for all your work.

Iva1201 2009.12.05 - 02:29PM 1: The Man Who Lived Signed
Oh, I like him reading the card and enjoying the calm and smell of Pomfrey's coffee - this is how I wish the damned book have ended - and not the epilogue thing. I think you have also account at fanfiction - I hope you will publish this also there, I would love to add it to our Snape archive we have there. (-: Nicely written, thank you!

Alcina vom Steinsberg 2008.08.20 - 06:22PM 1: The Man Who Lived Signed
Againa, a truly lovely tale and a yummy read. Thank you very much for this beautiful alternative to the book story! And again I simply wish it weren't a one-shot...

Author's Response: Alcina, thank you again for your kind comment. I'm so glad you enjoyed this. If I get inspiration to write more, I certainly will ... Pearl

viqueeee 2008.08.11 - 01:44PM 1: The Man Who Lived Signed
*cheers* I too feel that Rowling completely stuffed the ending of her series. I figured she'd kill Snape, but I really thought she'd do it after his true nature had been revealed to Harry. Making his death more heartbreaking in the process because Harry had finally turned the corner. I also found her comments regarding Harry and Snape's headmaster portrait completely ridiculous. She goes on to make Harry completely brave and so forth and he can't face a painting? Puh-lease. Anyway since JKR left poor Severus mouldering away in the Shack I applaud anyone who also thinks he might have survived. He may have been a bit of a screw-up at times, but he'd have been prepared for Nagini's bite.

Author's Response: Thanks for the cheer! I do like DH, but feel it could also do with ... improvements. :p The tragedy of Snape's life and death only endears him more to me, of course. But I totally agree: a clever guy like him, such a brilliant double agent, would have been prepared for that damn' snake! Thanks again for commenting. :) Pearl

Cuthalion 2008.08.08 - 06:31PM 1: The Man Who Lived Signed
*smiles* Somehow this is my most favorite of your Snape-tales. The name of the garden shop still makes me giggle! And it is - aside from the reconciliation long overdue - a very healing, hopeful tale. Thanks for posting it here! Cúthalion

Author's Response: My pleasure, and thanks so much for your encouragement! :)

kittylefish 2008.08.06 - 11:14PM 1: The Man Who Lived Signed
i liked this story very much. i enjoyed reading the scenes with snape and harry - i agree that dh would have been better if there could have been some sort of raprochment between the two of them. i thought it was so awful that he died without even knowing if it had worked, if voldemort was defeated, that harry didn't die permanently, nevermind that everyone still thought he was a traitor and he died all alone of the floor of that filthy shack. all of that. so it's nice to think of him having a future and even feeling some sense of purpose again. thanks for giving us that! : )

Author's Response: Snape's tragic life and death only endear him more to me as a character but I agree: much as I like DH, it would have been ten times of awesome if JKR had a) not written Snape as so caught on the hop by Voldemort (he was cleverer than that) and b) developed, throughout the series, the beginnings of dialogue between Harry and Snape. Yes, I love to imagine Snape with an alternative future ... he deserves it. :) Thanks so much for your comment! Pearl

gowvan 2008.08.04 - 10:46PM 1: The Man Who Lived Signed
Love how you told this story. Would like to see more of Severus' new life in a post-Voldy world. Please consider a sequel in this universe.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I am not sure I will write a sequel to this particular story, as the Muse is being stubbornly silent on that front ... but I will certainly consider writing a fic about Snape's post-Voldy life. Definitely. Thanks for the encouragement! Pearl.

seachange 2008.08.03 - 12:06PM 1: The Man Who Lived Signed
Before DH came out, I was certain that JKR would do something to redeem Snape in Harry's eyes. And she did that. But I felt that the emotional payoff would necessitate a face to face meeting between the two. However JKR could not seem to be able to bring herself to do that. I honestly don't think it was just plot necessity. I really don't think JKR could truly envision Harry talking to Snape and reaching any form of peace. I found it telling that JKR said in interviews that even though Harry would make sure Snape's portrait was hung at Hogwarts, he would probably never visit it. And why not? Because I think that perhaps due to JKR's own feelings about Snape, she just can't picture the kind of scenes you've created in this and your other story. And it's really too bad, because as I said, the emotional payoff of this kind of scene, after all of the animosity for years, is very, very satisfying. Good work. This was excellent. Your Snape is exactly in character and Harry was IC as well.

Author's Response: Seachange, many thanks for your comments, which I find extremely perceptive. I agree with you 100% on why JKR shied away from writing, or even envisaging, a scene in which Snape and Harry at least attempt to reach some kind of resolution. You said: 'And it's really too bad, because as I said, the emotional payoff of this kind of scene, after all of the animosity for years, is very, very satisfying.' Exactly. Which is why I think the HP saga would have been so much richer for that kind of resolution between Harry and Snape. I like the HP books, and I like DH, but the series misses greatness, IMO, because of the author's reluctance to plumb the depths. Thanks again! Pearl

Trickie Woo 2008.08.03 - 02:48AM 1: The Man Who Lived Signed
Since Rowling left so many loose end concerning Snape's body, I like to think he did survive. Anyway, he survives in my mind. It has been my theory ever since I read the those last few chapters the day DH was published that he must have carried an anti-venin to Nagini's venom concealed on his person ever since the night on the tower. He was too intelligent and too experienced as a spy to not automatically do that. He probably had a bezoar, a phial of phoenix tears, and a phial of unicorn blood in his possession too. He knew better than to take any risks. My other theory has always been that he was driven by guilt over Lily's death,and James's death too, for that matter. I'm sure he had pretty much recovered from his puppy love for Lily, but finding out that 'He Who I Find Most Tedious and Tiresome' had decided that the baby mentioned in the prophecy was Lily's son was a setback. Dumbledorejumped right on that and used it to the hilt. Whenever he wanted Severus to do something he twisted the knife of guilt in Severus's back and the feelings of guilt were what kept him chained to his mission. Dumbledore had a vested interest in keeping Severus miserable, it was his method of control.

Author's Response: Thanks for your comments, Trickie Woo! I agree with you about Snape's brilliance: it is difficult to imagine that a double agent as careful, logical and meticulous as he -- who also knew just how easily Voldemort could turn on his flunkeys -- would not have been prepared for an attack from Nagini. I agree 100% that he felt terrible guilt about Lily. And although JKR seems reluctant to give Snape any flashes of humanity towards Harry and James, I find it believable that deep down Severus felt bad about James too, and being partly responsible for Harry's orphaned state. But I tend to prefer my own vision of Snape to JKR's, I find. ;) Thanks again for reading and commenting! Pearl

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