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Reviews for Snape Meets the Addams Family

Cuthalion 2008.07.30 - 04:30AM 14: 14 - Hospitality and Social Niceties Signed
*fans herself* Wow. That was really hot. and all would be deliciously (and satisfyingly) well, if not for that dratted MacNair. Somehow I still don't believe that beast in the swamp finished him off. *is slightly concerned* Cúthalion

Author's Response: Nah...the swamp thing was just playing...

Cuthalion 2008.07.30 - 04:16AM 13: 13 - Plans, Fears, and Hopes Signed
Oh dear... Harry is REALLY courageous, isn't he? Let's hope the best that he'll continues being The Boy Who Lives... *giggles nervously* Cúthalion

Author's Response: Harry was never destined for an easy life...

Cuthalion 2008.07.30 - 04:02AM 12: 12 - It's Too Calm Signed
That last scene was absolutely marvelous. Loved every word. *applauds wildly* Cúthalion

Author's Response: Thanks!

Cuthalion 2008.07.30 - 03:41AM 11: 11 - In the Pink Signed
He'd better not warn Harry - I'm much too curious what comes out of that relationship. And I think MacNairs' hunt starts to darken the horizon... *hurrying of to the next chapter* Cúthalion

Author's Response: Thanks!

Cuthalion 2008.07.30 - 03:28AM 10: 10 - Things that Bump in the Night Signed
*shrieks* Goodness, whose idea was THAT? Poor Snape... he has my full sympathy. And no wonder that he refused to tell Harry anything about it. *snorts with laughter* Cúthalion

Author's Response: *laughing guiltily*

Cuthalion 2008.07.30 - 03:17AM 9: 9 - The Terror of Introductions Signed
Well... I think both Snape AND Harry are seriously getting into something. And I'm slowly getting nervous about MacNair. Why the hell did Snape have to leave that silly scarf behind...? Cúthalion

Author's Response: Yes... leaving such an incriminating piece of evidence behind for anyone to find... Doesn't sound like something Snape would do, does it? hee hee...

Cuthalion 2008.07.30 - 02:52AM 8: 8 - But, Why? Signed
Ah - beautifully told, and very enlightening. And after all that serious (and moving) recall of a lost youth you give the whole thing that hilarious twist with the gargoyle. *huge grin* I am increasingly falling in love with this. Cúthalion

Author's Response: Thanks!

Cuthalion 2008.07.30 - 02:35AM 7: 7 - Lectures and Boggarts Signed
*is breathless with laughter* That boggart... simply priceless! And the way Snape introduces Harry to Wednesday - best breakfast read I ever had so far. *applauds* Cúthalion (P.S.: I'm a huge Simon & Garfunkel-fan - though I have a certain idea why Wednesday can't stand them. *grins*)

Author's Response: *grinning* I like S&G as well, but figured neither Wednesday nor Snape would react favorably to their talents...

Cuthalion 2008.07.30 - 02:10AM 6: 6 - More Than a Decoration Signed
" "I found it extremely dull," she admitted. "It only reiterates what I've already learned, and barely mentions the Spanish Inquisition and the Black Plague." *laughs* Which - of course - are two of the most bright and happy things any student might think of. And Harry drew his conclusions rather fast, didn't he? And there goes Snape's wonderful plan to the gutter--- Thank you; this tale is a rare and delicious treat. Cúthalion

Author's Response: Thanks!

Cuthalion 2008.07.30 - 02:00AM 5: 5 - Education and Ignorance Signed
Heh. Snape, as a private teacher for Wednesday? (Didn't Christina Ricci play her part in the movie?) Quite a challenge - for both, I presume. And I wish my Latin was a bit better; I didn't understand more than Harry did. And I'm continueing this eagerly to find out everything about it. *smiles* Well done! Cúthalion

Author's Response: Yes, it was Christina Ricci in that role (she did a great job!). Thanks!

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