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Reviews for Snape Meets the Addams Family

tigroon 2008.10.22 - 04:25PM 16: 16 - For the Greater Good Signed
So.... is it finished or will you update? great story!

Author's Response: I consider it finished, but the little voice inside is niggling me to think about adding to it. Once I find the time, who knows? Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Mimmom 2008.08.18 - 03:42PM 16: 16 - For the Greater Good Signed
Well done! So much fun. I thought you did a great job with the Addams's. The stolen stop sign in Pugsley's room is perfect. I know I have the cartoon around here somewhere in which pugsley has stolen lots of safety related signs causing a load of accidents. Anyway, this was really fun. I'm glad Snape gets the good things he deserves including a woman who goes out of her way to be with him. I do worry for Harry! LOL.

Author's Response: Harry could never live an easy life...

Mimmom 2008.08.18 - 03:10PM 14: 14 - Hospitality and Social Niceties Signed
This story is getting more fun all the time. Enjoying the lemons!!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Mimmom 2008.08.18 - 12:21AM 10: 10 - Things that Bump in the Night Signed
ROFLMAO! Of course! It's perfect. What ELSE would Thing's purpose be. I love it. Poor Snape.

Author's Response: I could never get past the references made about Thing's 'relationship' with Fester in the movie!

Mimmom 2008.08.17 - 05:51PM 3: 3 - Welcome to Your Life Signed
I love it so far. I'm a fan of Charles Addams who was the artist who created the Addams Family comic strip a long while ago. The strip was much better than the TV show or movies. Anyway, SOMEONE had to do a crossover with Snape. It just fits. LOL. Miriam

Author's Response: I was hit with the idea as soon as I saw the Addams Family movies. Morticia (Angelica Huston) looks like a female Snape!

zenobia 2008.08.10 - 12:47PM 10: 10 - Things that Bump in the Night Signed
Great story, you combined two favourites of mine in one story. Do you gives us cousin it, that will be hilarish.

Author's Response: Cousin It is mentioned only in passing, I think just once. Thanks for reading!

Oktober Black 2008.07.31 - 12:22AM 16: 16 - For the Greater Good Signed
Thanks. I quite enjoyed that!

Author's Response: You're more than welcome, and thanks for reading it.

Oktober Black 2008.07.30 - 11:44PM 10: 10 - Things that Bump in the Night Signed
Okay, that was REALLY funny! I can't believe Thing gave Snape a hand job! And "Talk to the hand?" I'm hooked. So far, I find the writing quite good and story very creative. The character voices seem quite strong too. The idea seemed so bizarre to me, but you're pulling it off. Well done, you!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Cuthalion 2008.07.30 - 05:13AM 16: 16 - For the Greater Good Signed
All for the Greater Good, hm? *shakes head, grinning* Somehow it's a nice idea that Severus Snape returns to his former self, finally respected and cherished. And I'm sure it will be a happy marriage (though I'm not so sure when it comes to Harry and Wednesday. Somehow I can't fight the vision of Mr. Potter, fighting his way out of the Bermuda Triangle on his own some day, chanting "Wednesday" and "Friday" like a mantra and being secretly relieved, without really knowing why... *grins*) Thank you or a funny, clever and highly entertaining read! Cúthalion

Author's Response: Thank you for your sticking to it through the end! I had thought of Snape sending Macnair to the Triangle as a means to dispose of him, but preferred to keep it Macnair-free in case Wednesday one day manages to talk Harry into honeymooning there...

Cuthalion 2008.07.30 - 05:00AM 15: 15 - Trapped Hunter Signed
Oy - Kitty-Kitty-Kitty! *rolls on the floor* Poor Macnair (whose name I am finally spelling correctly... *blushes*)... for the first time I really feel sorry for him. And Lucius finally sent an owl, and Harry will return to England with Wednesday (still: this pairing makes me nervous). Now I'm looking forward to what kind of Happy End you have planned for all of them! Cúthalion

Author's Response: Happy might be too strong a word ...

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