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Reviews for A Kind Of Magic

Rose of the West 2008.09.26 - 05:47PM 34: Chapter 34 Signed
He used the Disillusionment charm in order to keep his illusions! He's certainly a difficult man.

Author's Response: Difficult, stubborn and brash, yet moral, sensitive and good... a strange and complex mix!

Trickie Woo 2008.09.26 - 03:23PM 34: Chapter 34 Signed
Why didn't he save all that strength and just kiss her, then everything would have gone back to the way they were before the pensieve incident. Why does he always think he knows what's best for the OFC's in fan fic, and that best is always that they would be much better off without him? Heck, he doesn't even know what's best for himself, so how would he know what's best for them? The rule I follow most in life is to do what my instincts tell me to do; he should try it, instinct rarely tells you wrong. In fact I think that if something does go wrong it means that you perceived what your instinct was telling you wrongly. BTW, I liked your pun.

Author's Response: He has such low self-esteem, and covers it up with aloofness and vitriol. He doesn't do himself any favours does he? Glad you liked the pun :)

linda0506 2008.09.26 - 12:09PM 34: Chapter 34 Signed
Why doesn't Severus just give in to his feelings? Sarah should go after him right now, body bind him, then give him a good seeing to, the stubborn git! Nice well written chapter again. More soon as poss, please.

Author's Response: Stubborn, complex, damaged git! Will be writing lots this weekend. Thanks for your support.

morgaine_dulac 2008.09.26 - 12:07PM 34: Chapter 34 Signed
Loved the fist paragraph. An excellent approach to teaching. I'll need to remember that! *grin*

Author's Response: Most kind as always!

linda0506 2008.09.25 - 03:42PM 33: Chapter 33 Signed
Can I ask when the next chapter is likely to be up please?

Author's Response: I'm flattered by your impatience :) I'm actually writing it this very second, I'm hoping to post it tonight and all being well it will be approved tomorrow. Thanks for your support, means a lot!

morgaine_dulac 2008.09.25 - 11:07AM 33: Chapter 33 Signed
Can't do much else than roll my eyes at the good Potions master. What a dunderhead when it comes to matters of the heart! Ehm, btw, Sarah isn't pregnant, now is she? /M

Author's Response: A very interesting theory Morgaine... it could be trapped wind I guess ;)

Trickie Woo 2008.09.24 - 10:07PM 33: Chapter 33 Signed
I did forgot to put one question in my last review. Does the nausea she's feeling mean something more than just an upset stomach?

Author's Response: Could be time of the month?

linda0506 2008.09.24 - 06:15PM 33: Chapter 33 Signed
Sarah has got to keep plugging away at him, but I've a feeling he will do his darndest to make things as difficult as he can for her. Please update again soon.

Author's Response: Perseverance, indeed! And thank you, for your perseverance too :) x

Rose of the West 2008.09.24 - 05:59PM 33: Chapter 33 Signed
It's sweet that he took care of it all. It's interesting to see him figuring his thoughts and feelings out, but he'd be better off if he shared them, too.

Author's Response: You're right, of course, but it's quite an alien concept!

Trickie Woo 2008.09.24 - 05:47PM 33: Chapter 33 Signed
Obviously, she has figured out that he does care once she found out that Minerva did not have any receipts. Now she must be both persistent and patient. I gather from the part written from Serverus's viewpoint that he is getting horny, so I don't think she will have to wait much longer. Something is bound to happen after he finally gets around to taking her to Gringotts. She definitely needs some leverage in this relationship, otherwise she will be treading water until she finally wears out. He has put his feelings and insecurities above all else and he thinks he knows what is best for her even if it makes him miserable. As I said before, they need a mediator, someone who will force him to listen to Sarah tell him what she wants and needs and what she feels. She has already heard what he thinks and feels, but he can't seem to tell her what he really wants and needs. I must add St Lily to share the blame for Severus's inseurities and his self image with Dumbledore. Lily wouldn't even listen to his heartfelt apology and ended her friendship with him. I think he had a chance at gaining some self esteem before that happened, but that was the straw that broke the camel's back and gave him his self image of being so unworthy.

Author's Response: Lily has much to answer for, but Sarah isn't Lily...

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