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Reviews for A Kind Of Magic

sevvy 2008.10.14 - 03:02AM 37: Chapter 37 Signed
I'm so glad you're back! Like everyone else, it seems, I've been waiting eagerly and checking regularly for the next update - so glad you're getting your computer sorted out & well done for persevering (I've had similar things happen to me - it always seems to be at a crucial time that computers decide to do the dirty & then you have to struggle to remember all you wrote previously!) Any way, it's been worth the wait - this story continues to be really good and now somewhat puzzling - not quite sure what Sarah is trying to achieve here but I know all will be revealed soon (I'm patient - ish!!)

Author's Response: Thanks so much, so glad you're still here and still enjoying it! 38 is up, will upload 39 today :-)

linda0506 2008.10.13 - 03:15PM 38: Chapter 38 Signed
Sarah was brilliant! What a great plan. I bet the next chapter is gonna be red hot. If he turns up, that is. You never know with Severus.

Author's Response: So glad you enjoyed it! Next chap hopefully up tomorrow.

Rose of the West 2008.10.13 - 02:29PM 38: Chapter 38 Signed
It's my own experience that some girls who want to wear a white gown need to wear a short red dress first. Now that he's got the memories, though, he's got to realize how similar they are in so many ways. Also, it's kind of important that she's opened herself up to him like this; it enables them to be truly close.

Author's Response: She's laid her heart on the line. Will he trample on it, is the question...

Rose of the West 2008.10.13 - 02:21PM 37: Chapter 37 Signed
We knew she wasn't just a pretty face. I'm guessing whatever she will do with those memories will help a certain dark gentleman to see that he's not as isolated as he thinks.

Author's Response: They have similair backgrounds, both experiencing domestic violence, bullying, etc. They can truly empathise with one another.

Trickie Woo 2008.10.13 - 02:01PM 38: Chapter 38 Signed
Well, I still don't know whether the pain she went through from reliving her memories will be worth it; but her physical presense and her show of power certainly evoked a positive response. I am sure, though, that he will go to her cottage. Will there be smut next chapter? I sure hope so. I also hope there will be some type of payback to Dumbledore before the story ends even though he is only a talking portrait. The talking portrait of Dumbledore caused the whole mess in the first place with it's meddling.

Author's Response: Lol Trickie, you do make me laugh on your endless quest for smut. I couldn't possibly say *grin* As for Dumbledore, well we'll have to see...

magpie79 2008.10.13 - 01:56PM 38: Chapter 38 Signed
Yay, great chapter! I almost feel sorry for him, almost LOL

Author's Response: Thank you! Greasy git ;-)

Trickie Woo 2008.10.13 - 01:44PM 37: Chapter 37 Signed
I heard that you got a new computer over the weekend, will it be fully set up with a modem soon? I hope so, I've missed you and the story. I'll have to reserve judgment on what Sarah is doing going through those painful memories until the next chapter or so when I see what her plan is and if it works. I couldn't do that myself, I spent too much time in therapy working on the bad things that happen to good people to revisit them again.

Author's Response: Thanks Trickie, I've missed you too! Hope to have modem by the end of the week. For now, I have a usb stick so I can upload from another pc. Hope you like the plan!

morgaine_dulac 2008.10.13 - 01:40PM 38: Chapter 38 Signed
Now he has heard. Hopefully he has also understood. Please, please, please!!

Author's Response: Took a clinging dress and a freezing charm! Men!

morgaine_dulac 2008.10.13 - 01:35PM 37: Chapter 37 Signed
A very intense and wonderfully written chapter. She has sure been through a lot, our Sarah. And I am curious to see what her plans are. (By the way, is it so wise to post that you've been writing fan fic while at work?? ;-) )

Author's Response: Thank you, glad i didn't disappoint! Hope you enjoy the next one too. As for your comment about work, break time of course! ;-)

linda0506 2008.10.13 - 01:04PM 37: Chapter 37 Signed
I've been looking out for this chapter. Again, your writing is really good. You've got me on tenterhooks now, waiting to see what Sarah has got planned. I will be awaiting the next instalment. You will have to nick a computer or something.

Author's Response: Thank you, 38 is up too!

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