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Reviews for A Kind Of Magic

sevvy 2008.10.28 - 04:33AM 41: Chapter 41 Signed
Hurray! So Severus has finally come to his senses! (I hope I'm not being a bit 'premature' here to think that, as Dumbledore says, it might be a case of 'all's well that ends well!') However, I think Severus should have given the portrait a good hard punch on his way out of the office just to give vent to his feelings for the old codger's interfering and show him who's boss!! (Why do some people have to meddle so much in others lives? It seems to be a common occurrence, particularly in a child/parental relationship - I'm thinking of mine with my own mother, who, despite being in her early 80's & me in my 40's with my own family, still wants to be in the 'control seat'! Albus Dumbledore clearly considers his & Severus' relationship to be like this.) It just proves that your characterisation is great - so believable. I eagerly await the next instalment again - thanks for this!

Author's Response: Once again you are amazingly kind, and I'm so pleased you enjoyed this chapter! I love the relationship between the two, the power play, the ability of AD to wind old Sev up a treat. But for all that there is deep affection, like a family.

Rose of the West 2008.10.27 - 09:00PM 41: Chapter 41 Signed
That Albus has no respect for anyone's privacy, does he? I hope he can keep out of things long enough for them to actually get engaged and married.

Author's Response: His work here is done! And despite it all, he wants Severus to be happy.

Trickie Woo 2008.10.27 - 08:40PM 41: Chapter 41 Signed
I still think the Machiavellian old SOB should have kept his nose out of Severus's affair/s. What if things hadn't gone well and he lost Sarah? How would the old painted b@st@rd have felt then? Ever get the feeling I don't like the old SOB? He made Severus feel bad and deprived me of smut, what's to like there?

Author's Response: He's a meddling fool, but thankfully a great judge of character.

Trickie Woo 2008.10.23 - 07:33PM 40: Chapter 40 Signed
I meant to say Severus should not be very Severus in my last comments, but I left out the not.

Author's Response: Aha :-)

Trickie Woo 2008.10.23 - 07:31PM 40: Chapter 40 Signed
Severus should be very Severus in this chapter, it's perfect as is just as Sevvy said. After all, he's had an epiphany here, and that's certainly going to change him, at least when he's around Sarah. I would expect that the release of all the stress and pressure that was on him during his years as a spy would change him too after the war. He does have a soft loving side and St. Lily damaged that almost beyond repair, but Sarah has effected a very healing repair on that side of him.

Author's Response: He'll always have elements of the greasy git though, we wouldn't want him to change beyond recognition :-)

linda0506 2008.10.23 - 06:17PM 40: Chapter 40 Signed
I have been looking out every day for this instalment. Then I had to wait 2 hours to read it because I am at work and did not want people looking over my shoulder while I was reading such a racy story. I found it touching and charming, and the sexy stuff is explicit enough to get you going without being off-putting and sleazy. I wasn't expecting you to end the chapter there though. Nice touch!! Want the next one straight away pls.

Author's Response: I am so chuffed that you are enjoying it so much - it makes it all worthwhile to get such support. Everyone on here has been very kind to a novice writer such as myself, and it really encourages me to write more. Now my PC woes seem to *touch wood* be out of the way for the time being, I can really let rip this weekend! Thanks again.

Rose of the West 2008.10.23 - 05:27PM 40: Chapter 40 Signed
Now we're getting somewhere. Not a bad way to wake up at all. ;)

Author's Response: Very emotional coupling this time, unlike the first ritualistic encounter and the feral mating they indulged in before :)

sevvy 2008.10.23 - 05:06PM 40: Chapter 40 Signed
Wow! That was definately worth the wait! (Now you know why all your avid readers have been pestering you so long - we knew something like this was on it's way!!) Hope he continues his 'apology' for a long while yet (lucky Sarah!) What more could a girl ask for, eh?!! Please don't make us all wait so long again - I certainly need my 'Severus fix' more regularly! Look forward to the next instalment (no pressure or anything!) By the way, you said before that you weren't 100% happy with that chapter but I think it's perfect - please don't alter it in any way (apart from a couple of typos it's spot on!!)

Author's Response: You're very kind, thank you so much. The reason I'm not happy with it because Severus isn't very Severus in it, if you know what I mean. We all know Severus would usually have a hard time apologising, stubborn git that he is! But he realises this is make or break for Sarah and him, so he has to swallow his pride. Thanks for sticking by it, it's been just as frustrating for me having no PC and no internet! How did we ever live without them? lol

Trickie Woo 2008.10.23 - 04:38PM 40: Chapter 40 Signed
Thank goodness they are back together and I got some smut today. Since he hadn't had his own orgasm yet, I hope you will continue that particular encounter in the next chapter. What's with the knee length britches? At first they had me thinking of a shirtless man in a Regency bodice ripper in formal wear or in an 18th century bodice ripper; but then I started to think they could be bicycle shorts. Severus wearing form fitting lycra bicycle shorts over the form in the Playwitch picture I sent you has my mouth watering, that would show off certain things even more than nudity would. That picture will be running through my head tonight. Anyway, I'm happy they are back together and that there is finally real trust between them. We had to wait an awfully long time, but you did deliver a really big payoff for that wait.

Author's Response: LOL Trickie, I am very happy it has your seal of approval. Regarding the britches, well, to my mind Snape often goes commando (faint) but often needs a bit of support for the old Basilisk, especially when it's getting colder. And someone who wears frock coats and cloaks is not going to wear Calvin Klein boxer shorts ;)

morgaine_dulac 2008.10.23 - 03:24PM 40: Chapter 40 Signed
If THAT's his way of apologising, he could make me wait any day ;-)

Author's Response: Heh, me too! ;)

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