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Reviews for A Kind Of Magic

magpie79 2008.07.31 - 12:55PM 5: Chapter 5 Signed
Wow, just straight to the point, that'll have him choking on his tea! LOL Happy Lammas too.

Author's Response: If I had the chance I'd perform the Great Rite with Severus Snape every day, not just on sabbats! Happy Lammas to you and thank you for reading.

pitwitch 2008.07.31 - 08:13AM 4: Chapter 4 Signed
Very interesting beginning ... I've always wondered what Snape would do when he ran into the muggle versions of his herbs, etc. And, of course, throw a naked woman into the mix ... should be fun! Thanks for sharing, Pitt

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! I'm thrilled you like it :)

magpie79 2008.07.30 - 03:20PM 4: Chapter 4 Signed
this is great, if thats what happens when you do a ritual skyclad I might just have to break out the old athame LOL I hope you'll update soon

Author's Response: Thank you, and "Blessed Be!" ;-)

greenwood 2008.07.28 - 07:44PM 2: Chapter 2 Signed
Oh, so Severus is going to "study" her is he (snicker). This ought to be good. I can't wait to find out if her Wiccan magic is working and Severus doesn't even know...ha ha!

Author's Response: Stay tuned is all I'll say :)

greenwood 2008.07.25 - 01:41PM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
Very interesting opening! You have me looking forward to more and to see if her spell works!

Author's Response: Thank you, just uploaded chapter two! Hope you enjoy it :)

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