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Reviews for A Kind Of Magic

ironmaid 2009.01.12 - 01:32PM 45: Chapter 45 Signed
I loved this story. I'm so glad you gave Severus and Sarah a happy ending. Severus deserves a little joy in his life. Thanks for a gem of a story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to review! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. Thank you for sticking with it :)

Rose of the West 2009.01.06 - 04:46PM 45: Chapter 45 Signed
I'm willing the plot bunnies in your direction for a Valentine's Day one-shot.

Author's Response: Thanks Rose. I'll get pondering... :)

Rose of the West 2009.01.06 - 08:58AM 45: Chapter 45 Signed
Fair enough; it just seemed that by using Phil Specter, you opened a door to also use what's probably Ronnie Specter's best-known hit. It needn't involve children(there's always the Dirty Dancing connection). It's just that after getting to know these people, we wouldn't mind seeing that they are enjoying their life together and perhaps adding something to the world around them in one way or another.

Author's Response: The name Phil Phantom and the Spectres was purely incidental, because they are a ghost band, and I wanted the lead singer to have a name that used alliteration. But it's great that it also has a duality. I was playing on the 50's theme though (couldn't resist the Love Potion Number 9 reference!) I am thrilled that people want to see these characters develop though. I have a few ideas for a couple of one-shots, so I'll let them simmer for a bit and see what comes out. Thanks again for your comments, I appreciate each and every one. And as for Snape and Dirty Dancing - now THERE'S an image! Lol!

sevvy 2009.01.06 - 07:23AM 45: Chapter 45 Signed
I feel I owe you a bit of an apology, Star_girl - I should have read others reviews before posting mine! You're no doubt sick of everyone asking when they'll be a sequel! On the other hand, I guess it shows how much we've all enjoyed this, if we're all of the same opinion that there should be more! I have to just disagree with you on one point though; I think Severus would make a great Dad (albeit a no doubt reluctant one at first!) And, I feel absolutely convinced that's he's not infertile(!!) I often see men who, against their better judgement (they think!), have become Dads in later life & it completely changes & softens them - I think Severus would be like this. And what about Sarah - surely she'd want kids? Just my opinion (after all it's your story and, as you rightly say, leaving it where it is we can all add our own ending!!) Just had to come back with those thoughts - hope you don't mind!

Author's Response: I'm actually very flattered people enjoyed my interpretation of Snape and my OFC enough to want to see more of them! And I appreciate each and every comment. The "infertile" comment is just a joke, I don't really believe that! But I guess we all have our own images in our head of how we think he would be. I still can't help but feel that his own childhood would have put him off wanting children for life. Plus, he doesn't need to have children of his own - he is surrounded by them each and every day. I also feel I should point out here that I felt it was important that Sarah had the same background as him - that she knew first-hand how it felt to come from a home where her parents did not love each other, that she knew too well how it felt to lose someone close to her and to be independent. Only by experiencing these things first-hand could she really be able to relate to some of the things he went through and be able to heal him. It is for this reason I also think that she would be reluctant to become a parent, too. I thought it was fair to leave the ending open for others who may not agree with this, but this is what I believe to be the case about these characters.

pitwitch 2009.01.06 - 04:08AM 45: Chapter 45 Signed
Most excellent. Congratulations on your completion. Hope to see more in the future. Gotta love a happy ending, on Samhain no less, when essentially the HP story began with an ill-fated prophecy and evil intents. What a nice way to turn it all around again.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Really appreciate you sticking with it, and so happy you enjoyed it.

sevvy 2009.01.06 - 03:52AM 45: Chapter 45 Signed
Ahh - the 'magic' of true love, eh?! And the perfect ending for a perfect story! I think we all guessed that this was on the cards but the way you did it was lovely! My only problem now is that I feel sad it's ended! (On the other hand, there's got to be a great opportunity for a continuation here, surely? Any thoughts? Sev & Sarah The Next Chapter?!) Well done, though; I've loved this story from start to finish - it's never once disappointed (just frustrated me frequently whilst awaiting updates!!) I have to say I love your attention to detail and your End Chapter Notes with explanations are always so interesting. I think one of the first things I asked you in a review of this was whether you were a professional writer. (I wasn't trying to be a crawler - I really meant it - you are very good and should seriously consider it.) Just one last thing, I thought it was great that you chose the name Sarah, as my real name (although not actually Sarah), is also Hebrew and means the same - 'Princess'. Ironically I'd actually choosen the name Sarah myself as the heroine of an SS story I've been working on for over a year now, for exactly the same reason!! Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your stories in future - so long as SS is in them it's fine by me!! (: x x

Author's Response: Thank you so much Sevvy, your reviews always brighten my day. I'm not sure about a continuation really, I'm not sure else where I could take it, apart from them having a family, and my gut tells me that Severus does not want children of his own. I shall certainly ponder what could possibly lie ahead for them though. You are so kind, and it's great to hear you got something from my explanations and end notes. I often find with writing, research is as much fun as the writin itself, especiallu when things just seem to click into place. I was very lucky with this story as bits of the jigsaw seemed to fit together nicely. Even things like thinking up the name "Dai Rectebit" for a spell is so much fun. I think my next task, apart from a birthday gift to Severus, will to be to complete my much darker story on here, Marked By Dark. Your story sounds very intriguing though - I can't wait to read. Are you planning to post soon? Thanks again for your comments - they really do mean a lot.

Trickie Woo 2009.01.06 - 12:36AM 45: Chapter 45 Signed
I could easily see him with the kind of kids he ended up with in 'A More Merciful Man'. I'd never see him as Jim Anderson in 'Father Knows Best' or Ward Cleaver in 'Leave It to Beaver', but I can certainly see him with those two girls. It would be interesting to see how he coped with children who were practically clones of him.

Author's Response: As I have joked many times with morgaine_dulac, I'm pretty sure all those years of exposure to Boomslang Skin has rendered him infertile ;) I can imagine him being forced to take care of a child, but I just can't see him siring offspring of his own. I don't know why.

linda0506 2009.01.05 - 03:05PM 45: Chapter 45 Signed
What a smashing ending. I have been waiting for this and you didn't disappoint. Can you write a sequel, giving them some babies?

Author's Response: Ah, you see, I wasn't going to write an epilogue. I thought leaving just here would be the right thing to do. I know many of you like the idea of Severus having a family, but deep down I feel "my" Severus does not want children of his own. But I thought by ending the story here, it gives you all a chance to imagine whatever future you like for him. I hope that makes sense! And thanks for reviewing, I'm really happy you enjoyed it :)

Trickie Woo 2009.01.05 - 03:04PM 45: Chapter 45 Signed
I love a happy ending and you gave me a very happy ending, this has been a marvelous story. I agree with Rose, I'd like to see a sequel or an epilogue, and as she suggested, let 'Be My Baby' be the theme.

Author's Response: Thank you for all your support Trickie, you've been there from the start and your comments have meant a lot. As I mentioned, I have no plans to write an epilogue. I don't see Severus having children of his own, but that said I wanted to leave it open enough for people to imagine that for him, if that's what they wanted. I'm glad I didn't disappoint you with the happy ending and that you enjoyed it though. Thanks again :)

Rose of the West 2009.01.05 - 02:28PM 45: Chapter 45 Signed
"Phil Phantom and the Spectres?" Oh, my! When you're writing the epilogue or sequel, make sure you get Ronnie in there, singing, "Be My Baby". Not to distract from the fact that it's a lovely ending to a great story. I enjoyed it greatly.

Author's Response: Thank you Rose, and thanks for your consistent support. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it.

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