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Reviews for A Kind Of Magic

Rose of the West 2008.09.06 - 10:38AM 26: Chapter 26 Signed
Oh, how awful for him! I can see that being a worst memory.

Author's Response: I think the memory with Lily is described as worst as that was the definitive point at which he turned "truly" to the dark side, and also the point where he lost contact with her. But he must have lots of horrific Death Eater memories, and he was still so young when he joined them and therefore I think still be shocked and appalled at some of their actions.

libertyelyot 2008.09.05 - 02:42PM 9: Chapter 9 Signed
(At 9)Permanent and irreversible bond, eh? Could be worse, I'm thinking. And I always love a barefoot, white shirted Severus - sometimes I wish there was a way to magically generate illustrations for fics.

Author's Response: What a wonderful idea! There are some very talented artists out there who manage to capture him really well. If had an ounce of their talent, I'd be happy. Have you seen the fan art on deviantart.com? http://www.deviantart.com/#order=9&q=snape There are some truly beautiful pieces.

Angie 2008.09.04 - 11:43PM 25: Chapter 25 Signed
Great job! I haven't been reading at Occlumency lately, and I'm so glad I found this story. I'll be back to check for updates : )

Author's Response: Thank you, so pleased you like it! Thanks for taking the time to read and review.

Trickie Woo 2008.09.04 - 05:15PM 25: Chapter 25 Signed
When I say I lucked out I mean that I was lucky that way.

Author's Response: *cough* Now you're making me extremely jealous. Half-Irish, "more of a beaker than a bung," some girls get all the luck ;)

Rose of the West 2008.09.04 - 05:03PM 25: Chapter 25 Signed
I don't think Severus would appreciate being discussed like that, but he'll probably learn that girls talk... Meanwhile, it's nice that she held back at least a little. Really cute chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you! I like to break up the plot with a little light-heartedness. The next chapter, however, is anything but...

Trickie Woo 2008.09.04 - 03:54PM 25: Chapter 25 Signed
Now I understand. I also loved that Susannah asked about girth, that's even more important than length in my book. I lucked out in both ways.

Author's Response: Yes, the phrase "more of a beaker than a bung" made me smile when writing it for that very allusion to girth. Awww come now, I'm sure you love Mr. Woo just the way he is :)

Trickie Woo 2008.09.04 - 03:08PM 25: Chapter 25 Signed
They sound like Bridget, Shazzer, and Jude on a night out, though the names bring to mind Trini and Susannah. I hope they are as supportive and encouraging with her about Severus as Shazzer and Jude were with Bridget about Mark Darcy. I hope he's not in a session with the pensieve when she surprises him on Sunday evening. What does Teri mean when she says 'You've pulled, haven't you?'

Author's Response: 'You've pulled, haven't you?' - that's a coarse English phrase for getting lucky with a member of the opposite sex, or if a member of said opposite sex shows sexual interest in you. see also, "Get your coat love, you've pulled!" as one of the world's worst chat-up lines :)

Trickie Woo 2008.09.04 - 03:07PM 24: Chapter 24 Signed
That's true, but there are terrible memories that victims really need to leave behind once they've been revealed to completely heal and become an emotionally healthy survivor. I know that from personal experience. Severus was just as much a victim in these memories as the other victims of the war. He did what he had to do to be an effective double agent and bring the dark side down, and he feels terrible guilt about that and about the death of Lily and James. But he was coerced to do everything by Dumbledore and by 'He Who I Find Most Tedious & Tiresome'. I wonder, how much guilt does the Dumbledore in the portrait feel? We know that 'HW' was totally amoral and evil and never felt guilt in his life. Severus needs someone like a therapist to help guide him along that path. He has to learn that he can't carry the guilt and the blame for the whole war on his shoulders himself. I don't feel that Sarah is the right person to do that for him because her feelings for him are too deep and personal. I wonder if St. Mungo's has an Out Patient Emotional Therapy Clinic?

Author's Response: LOL @ 'He Who I Find Most Tedious & Tiresome'. Sheer brilliance! In this story at least, Severus has come to terms with the war and his involvement therein. It's stuff from the dim and distant past he's afraid to face...

libertyelyot 2008.09.04 - 02:53PM 7: Chapter 7 Signed
(at 7) Wow! It might have been hard to write, but it was definitely not hard to read! I could hear his voice reciting those rites so clearly *shivers*. Beautiful, sensual writing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! The rite is from a genuine Wiccan Great Rite (although I chopped it up for the flow of the story). Everything I have written about Wicca is true, apart from Sarah's own love rite, which I made up :) Thanks for sticking with it, hope you continue to enjoy it.

morgaine_dulac 2008.09.04 - 01:36PM 25: Chapter 25 Signed
I have two friends who are exactly like that ;-) Hope Severus will be okay with being surprised on Sunday afternoon. I somehow think he does not like surprises. /M

Author's Response: We'll have to wait and see, won't we? ;) x

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