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Reviews for A Kind Of Magic

hexgirl 2009.12.23 - 08:30AM 45: Chapter 45 Signed
I just finished reading - or should I say re reading, as I read it for the first time ages ago. It is such a lovely story, and it was just as lovely the second time around. Your pacing is wonderful, you have the right amount of tension ie can severus commit? Or will he cut and run? Yet there is enough harmony to involve the reader without us getting frustrated. Your OC is likeable too - feisty without being off-putting, and yet she is a caring, sensitive soul. I have no doubt that she can both handle Severus, and give him what he needs in a woman. I also love the idea of using Wiccan rites and beliefs, and exploring how both kinds of magic could co exist. Severus's attitude towards 'muggle magic' at the beginning was so typical of him, but he soon learned that it has a valid place. There's no point me begging for a sequel then?

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to review. It's hugely flattering to know that you enjoyed it not just once, but twice! I was trying, especially at the beginning, to leave each chapter with a "cliffie" to make people want to read on. I am so pleased you like my OC. I intended her to compliment Severus in many ways: she would have the forgiveness and loyalty that Lily never showed him, and she would be strong yet sensitive. Most of all, I thought it was important that they had similar backgrounds: both working class, with far from perfect family lives and with their own similar emotional issues, such as experiencing bereavement, bullying, and living without love for so long. I have not read a story that contained Wicca and I thought it was an interesting twist. There may be other stories out there, so I apologise in advance, but for me it was a fresh angle. Again, I am massively thrilled that you would want a sequel to my story and I have been asked for a further installment by a few other kind and loyal readers. I deliberately left the ending open for readers to imagine whatever future they like for our two, because I know many of them wished for a family for them. But I don't think either Sarah or Severus would want children, but I didn't want to deny the readers to imagine that for themselves if they so wished. Thanks again for taking the time to review. I may well do a one-shot with these two, just as soon as my lazy muse bucks up her ideas :)

hexgirl 2009.12.12 - 05:06AM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
Oh, I'm so glad I found this again. I read it ages ago in my early days of fanfic reading and was too shy to leave a review. I remember it containing lots of wonderful smut and romance in exactly the right proportions. I have so much boring stuff to do, and really shouldn't be so self-indulgent as to read this, but I can't help it, I'm weak, and I love this fic.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind words and for returning back to the story. I hope you enjoy it as much the second time round. You've given me a huge grin :)

Marianne 2009.07.04 - 01:52PM 9: Chapter 9 Signed
She does not know him yet and will perhaps welcome this, but I wonder about him. I Like the story, although Snape might be a little too mellow....reading on...

Author's Response: Glad you like it, hope it continues to grab you.

Marianne 2009.07.04 - 01:48PM 8: Chapter 8 Signed
This is quite intriguing. I hope you will explain soon why the owl has not come yet. Nice idea about officer of wizarding law.

Author's Response: Trust me, your questions will be answered ;)

Marianne 2009.07.04 - 01:41PM 6: Chapter 6 Signed
All for research! LOL And next she'll hand him some pills...

Author's Response: The dear professor doesn't need any blue pills ;)

Marianne 2009.07.04 - 01:38PM 5: Chapter 5 Signed
I wondered whether it is not a bit risky to tell her about his world. He would have to Obliviate her, wouldn't he? The Great Rite? I can see him blush...reading on to see if I'm right.

Author's Response: All will become clear... :)

Marianne 2009.07.04 - 01:19PM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
For obvious reasons I only read completed fics. I really enjoyed your first chapter. Of course he would hide... a male who's probably not had that many lovers given his charming personality and outward appearance, he would use the opportunity.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I hope you enjoy the rest of the story :)

EXECUTR 2009.02.08 - 01:59PM 45: Chapter 45 Signed
Wonderful fic! Thanks for writing.

Author's Response: You're really kind, thank you for reviewing. So glad you enjoyed it :)

morgaine_dulac 2009.02.03 - 04:03PM 21: Chapter 21 Signed
Yup, this chapter was 100% worth the re-read. Gee!!

Author's Response: Too kind missy!

Where 2009.01.31 - 07:33PM 45: Chapter 45 Signed
Amazing! Great work! What I liked especially about this particular fic was the lack of... well, grossness, to be honest. Many fics about Snape are just about torture and raping and murder and whatnot. I think this fic managed to be well-balanced - there was angst and there was bad things, but the romantic side was there as well. Well done.

Author's Response: That's really kind of you, thank you! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it. There's no denying his awful past but I wanted some romance and humour in there too. Thanks for reading!

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